Pregablin vs Gabapentin

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Happy new year to you all!
I've been suffering with chronic back pain and sciatica for nearly 3 years now.
Initially I was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction which they put down to me being a nurse and an occupational hazard.
I've had two courses of physio and was prescribed naproxen before being prescribed co codamol 15/500 4 times a day and gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day in Jan 2016.
Since then the pain has grown significantly worse and on Thursday I've been referred to a specialist physio and for an mri at some point in the next few weeks. They are suspicious of a slipped disc at my l5/s1. I've also been changed from gabapentin 900mg tds to pregablin 150mg twice daily and  cocodamol 30/500 - since the switch I've noticed a reduction in my sciatic pain but the pain in my back is the same and more concentrated at my si joint.
I wondered if anyone else had experienced this after a switch from gabapentin to pregablin and if anyone has any advice on what I can do to reduce the back pain?
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    Gabapentin did nothing for me but make me drowsy & pregabalin!! Fantastic! I was like a new woman, unfortunately my gp refused to prescribe it for me & gave no valid reason, despite my tears he gave me gabapentin which didn't work
    I'm sure it could be to do with cost, a's he couldn't give me a medical reason not to provide me with it, as I was in hospital March 2016 & they initially prescribed it, but Gp went against the specialist 
    Which Im dealing with through PALS I'm pleased it works for you and I hope you get sorted soon :) 
  • I was taking Lyrica (pregabalin) and developed SI joint dysfunction.I'm wondering if there's a connection between the Lyrica and the SI joint?

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