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Hello all, I'm new here but here's my situation. I'm a 34 yr old man, back in 2004 I had my first memorable back pain. I woke up early and was in the worse pain I'd ever felt in my life and could hardly move my legs. My wife at the time took me to my primary care physician and that's where the journey began, MRI, CT scan, multiple x-rays was even sent to a cancer treatment center to be tested for bone cancer had myleogram and numerous other tests all were negative for cancer. I was then sent to a spine and neurosurgery center where they took more x-rays and another MRI and they determined that I had a couple of issues 1) Spina bifida occulta 2) scoliosis 3)degenerative disc disease and then possible treatment options were discussed. Surgery seemed to be the best option for the Spina bifida occulta and they could correct my scoliosis while in there. Well, me being young and never felt pain like this I agreed to a bilateral fusion of the L4-5,S1 level. The surgery was done and for a couple of weeks I was relieved then the pain began, intense pain, I began having trouble feeling my leg it was numb and tingly all the time sometimes it felt like I had a cellphone vibrating in my leg. The pain seemed to radiate from my lower back to my left hip and down the back of my left leg intoy foot the pain was immense and I was having to use a cane to walk 6mos after my first surgery. I had been for check-ups at the spine and neurosurgery center and explained to them what I was experiencing I was told that I must've done something to aggravate or instigate the pain since I was okay for a few weeks, just take it easy and you should get better. I wouldn't have it, I told them that there was something wrong because I had never had any issue with my leg going numb or the pain worsening after causing a scene I was scheduled for another MRI and a nerve conduction study, the tests revealed that I had a bony overgrowth that had partially severed my sciatic nerve that another surgery was needed ASAP to try and repair the nerve damage and get rid of the overgrowth... I agreed and the second surgery was done in July 05, I have not since then been without the nerve pain in my hip and left leg.
 I have been to numerous Drs and they have no problem writing me pain meds to help manage the pain but they caused stomach problems and it seemed like they never really offered much relief just made me want to get up and do something that would usually hurt me more so I stopped taking them and tried other alternatives like exercises,yoga, physical therapy, heating pads all seem to help with mobility but the pain never goes away it wakes me in the night keeps me from doing things that my peers do like playing softball or football or just hiking I can barely hold my daughter. I've got just my new wife a two girls and I try to do more than I'm able because I don't want them to feel oppressed by my pain. I've been dealing with this for 12 years now it's put me through a divorce and brought me to my knees more than once and to this day i still struggle with the pain. I still haven't given up though some days are very difficult I know that I must go on for my children and there must be something that can help me.
 I am writing here today to try and get some input maybe someone else has been through this. I've read some forum's on here and y'all offer great support and advice, I hope that I didn't write too much of a run on sentence and any input would be greatly appreciated.
 Still looking for comfort


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    I am also in decline with my back but in much better situation than yours while I have only a discectomy.
    But what I learned is that most of physical activities are not suitable for me anymore 
    No team sport, no running, no hiking, no push-ups, no loads nothing 
    Today I just bought some plastic chairs because the wooden ones I have now around dinner table are too heavy for me.
    Of course at my home desk I have a special chair with back support 
    Short walking and swimming are still OK for me.
    For sex I have also adapted positions
    I am so afraid that I will go into chronic back pain and not able to work that I gave up anything that cause me pain.
    In my opinion more pain after certain activity means more damage to the back.
    But again this is how I think and I am not a doctor 
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    I feel ya. Literally. 33 year old "healthy" male. Coming up on 5 years of pain. Surgery, injections, meds...etc. I know its extremely difficult to keep going. I just feel....exhausted. It's sad, but I feel lucky I don't have kids (even though I'd love to) because there's no way I could take proper care of them. So I wish you all the luck. You deserve it. Anyway...

    I encourage you to please take a look at "myofascial release". A lot of times pain isn't actually generated by the discs, but by the muscles surrounding it. In my case, the muscles have become so tight, for so long, its causing tremendous pain and strain on ligaments and tendons. I really really encourage you to research it as there are numerous great "pain science" resources. Muscles have been referred to as the "orphan organ" its seems to have been overlooked and ignored by many for years. Only until recently has there been much attention to it.

    I really believe there are solutions. The human body is incredible at healing, it just so happens that the back is also incredibly complex. All the experts are so focused on their specialty, that they may overlook other solutions.
    Surgeons know surgery...pain management docs know meds...chiros....know nothing ;)

    Take control of your health the best you can. Get educated the best you can. No doctors knows your body as well as you do. If the experts knew all the solutions, this forum would be empty...right?

    Keep me updated, our situations sounds similar. Good luck


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  • Hi Sambo, I know how hard it is to be shot down by chronic pain in the prime of your life. So glad you were able to start a new life with the new wife and kids. Just don't overdo yourself..I know this comes from guilt of the pain sidelining your best efforts. Rest is important so that you don't wear yourself out and the pain gets out of control. 

     I also have gone through a lot because of spinal issues; it all started with herniated L4-S1 and DDD that needed surgical intervention. Things went downhill from there and led to me having a pain pump and spinal cord stimulator. 

     Are you taking anything for the pain? It would improve your function and quality of life if you chose to. I still have pain despite everything I've tried, and rely on oral pain medication. I also use home remedies like ice packs, heat pads, and back creams like Icy Hot w/ Lidocaine. I'm still recovering from SCS surgery and it's been harder than I thought it'd be. I also had a 20 year marriage go up in smoke but it was probably for the best. I don't see myself getting remarried due to fear of another painful divorce, even though I'm still young (getting married at 19 not a good idea lol). 

     I hope things look up for you. Keep in mind that there are other options to help manage the pain. There's no need to needlessly suffer. Best wishes and take care.

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