28 days Post Op from 1 level ACDF

Hi all! I am writing because after a decade of immense pain from my DDD (issues at c5-c7), I recently underwent c5 c6 fusion because I was losing function of my right arm. I was pleasantly surprised to have almost immediate relief of my arm tingles and the deep down pain in my disc space that was so debilitating for the last decade. However, at day 11 post op, I took a little slip in the shower (only time for 3 weeks I went without hard collar) and straimed the right side of my neck. Now, the last 2-3 days, I keep having pains on the left side (sometimes quick onset/stabbing or pulsing like a charlie horse and now my right wrist is starting to feel tingly again - like it is falling asleep - pre op it was the whole arm shpulder to finger tips). Should I be concerned? Is this normal?  I still am in need of at least Tramadol and a muscle relaxer (I asked to be switched from valium to something slightly less harsh, but have not heard back). How long were others in my situation on meds? Tylenol does nothing for me, and I can't take NSAIDS. I am also trying my TENS unit, ice, heat. Biofreeze, walking, magnesium flakes in my bath, extra potassium, gentle massaging, etc. Just not sure what my next steps should be given my next apt is not until 2/7. I feel the more I share with my doc via mychart, the more they view me as a hypochondriac... help! TYIA!


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    Are you discussing this with your surgeon?  Sounds like maybe you are.  But if not, you should call the office and start a conversation.   Don't hesitate to push for an earlier appointment to discuss this.
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