Upper Back Stiffness/Pain

Hey guys! Im new. I had a car accident around Thanksgiving where I was rear ended. I had some pain and soreness afterwards but didnt think much of it. However, the pain got worse and I went to see a chiropractor. Though it helped some, anytime I did ANY  physical activity the pain and stiffness returns. My job requires lifting, while they have made accommodations for me and I do not lift much even a light package (5 pounds) causes stiffness. HOWEVER, over the weekend if I lay around a good bit I barely notice it. I went to the doctor last week and he prescribed me a NSAID and muscle relaxer which isnt doing a lot. From my understanding I might have some muscle tears or something? It's been 5 weeks already. Obviously y'all are not doctors, and I am seeing another doctor tomorrow, but I need advice.  Does it sound like I have something that will be permanent? 

PS: I do not have any pain radiating into my arms, etc. Just significant tightness and some pain between my shoulder blades. Thanks so much


  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    Be sure to tell your doc that your meds are not working. He can recommend the next steps. GLTU
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    hello dustinwx!
    you are right, there are not any medical professionals here on discussion forums.
    we member's are not qualified to comment with medical opinions, only from our shared experiences.
    so there is no way any of us would be able to even know if your situation could be permanent.
    that is a very good question for doctor!

    you said you are seeing another doctor. is that a pain management or otherwise spine specialist?

    it can be some trial and try again re lessening of pain and in finding cause of pain.
    please have very open communication with doctors, as jimandjr, above, had mentioned.
    its not easy while in pain, but so important for you to be best advocate for yourself!

    hopefully, you will be hearing from members with shared experiences.

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