Hello. I am new to this discussion board and it looks very helpful.

Hello, and thank you for having this discussion board. in a couple of weeks i will have posterior Cervical Laminectomy with fusion of the C2/C3, C3/C4,C4/C5 and C5/C6.
I am not experiencing any pain, but numbness in my feet and balance problems. The hope is the decompression of the spinal cord will stop any further progression or injury to the spinal cord.
I am interested in hearing about others experience and recovery. Ive had three ACl surgeries, but this surgery has me scared. I just met with the surgeon today and he reviewed all the possible risks. I know they are rare, but frighting to say the least. He also alerted me to high pain, as there is deep muscle that is cut into. I'll spend a few days inpatient and be in a neck brace for 3 months.
Anyone who can share their experience is welcomed. how was your recovery? any problems? how was the pain ? I know pain is different for each, but I'm interested to hear.


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    hello agruchy !
    i have never been candidate for spinal surgery, but want to wish you the very best with upcoming surgery and smooth recovery!

    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, you may benefit from using search for any concerns, upper right on page.
    you may be led to current or older discussions.
    you may be led to medical side with articles and videos. very informative!
    i esp like the viewing of videos and seeing what is happeneing.

    using search, you also may be interested in op must haves...and ....recovery the most important phase.

    Welcome to Veritas Health Forumplease click on link for helpful information!
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    If you weren't a little nervous or scared, you wouldn't be normal :)  Surgery is a major step, and it seems that the thought of cutting near the spine seems to increase the fear!

    I am curious as a Anterior Cervical Fusion patient, why the decision to do Posterior?  There are probably some really good reasons for it, but as you noted, it does require more recovery and pain. 
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  • Hi Bruce. Thank you for validating my fears as normal. The posterior, I guess, is due to the Laminectomy with fusion. It seems easier to remove the lamina from the posterior.

    I am sure my doctor explained it to me, but I may not have heard. I read elsewhere it is sometimes a preference of the surgeon.

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