L5-S1 central dis protusion.

"L5-S1 central dis protusion along with broad based central disc bulge noted at L5S1."

Hi All, I have lower back pain for 5,6 years, but it was not severe at tha time, and not transferring to my left leg. But from past 1 year, it is transferring to my left leg. I go to doctor, he tells me to perform MRI. Above is the conclusuon of MRI. L5-S1 central disc protrusion seen. He gave me 1 month tablets to less my pain. He clearly says all the treatments like medicine, physiothreapy will only less your pain but not moved disc to its actual position, you have to go through surgery to get rid of this. I am very disturbed, I am Software Engineer, my normal days goes with sitting all the day in office. Could you please give me any suggestion, maybe anyone  of you go through with this situation. I want to avoid surgery as much as possible. Could you please what would I do, exercises, sitting and sleeping posture, running or avoid running, walking etc.

I would be very thankful to you.



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    hello asadullahrao 
    there are no medical professionals on this forum side of the site. therefore, no one is capable or permitted to provide any type of medical advice. what is good for one spine patient may not be suitable for another.

    please click on link for information about spine-health
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  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 189
    Hi Asad,
    He is right, non surgery options will not move the disk back.
    On the other hand surgery will also not move the disk back.
    It is very true that if you are in a lot of pain and risk of nerve damage then surgery is only option.
    I would say that surgery is a temporary fix. After a while problems come back.
    I said no to surgery at 25 with clear leg weakness. I lost force in leg toe. Well I was lucky to recover with time but 13 years later I had the same symptoms in the other leg.
    This time I said yes to surgery.
    I had 15 good years but I avoided a lot of things. Now the pain is back.
    Some people here have few good months after surgery before pain to come back.
    I read somewhere that average is 4 years, beeing better with surgery than without.

    But at the end this is my experience and thoughts and you should take the doctor advice.
    You can schedule also for another neurosurgeon, just to have a second opinion.

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  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    When my MRI said disc protrusion, I had surgery. 
  • jason9759jjason9759 GeorgiaPosts: 6
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    Hi Asad, if I were you i would not have surgery, I recently had a microdiscetomy in Sept 2016, for lower back pain, that wasn't all that bad, but i have had back problems for 20 yrs, thought surgery would help, tried conservative treatments, idd therapy, inversion,.but came out of surgery in more pain than before surgery, including sciatica,.
  • Thank you guys for your comments. Yes I have schedule appointment with another Neurosurgeon. Let see what he will say.

    Waiting for more good comments...
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  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 189
    I have disk protrusion at 3 levels and neurosurgeon did not recommended surgery
    This because clinical symptoms are not as bad at this moment.
    Anyhow I have permanent pain in right side, back stiffness (I have a special device to put my socks on), I can walk short distances and I still can sleep at night.
    In my case surgery may mean fusion that I see it like a nightmare compare with a discectomy.
    Unfortunately this is the last step when you decide to go on surgery path, but if is no other option because of nerve damage and pain, you need to do it.

    Keep posted with the second neurosurgeon opinion.
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