L5 - S1 Fusion Success Story!

There ARE positive outcomes to L5 - S1 spinal fusion surgeries... 
I have two friends that are one and two years post-op, respectively, both having returned to a pain free normal life following a spinal fusion.
Their success stories gave me the courage to under-go a L5 - S1 fusion procedure, myself, 13 weeks ago.
As with any major surgery, it is key to find the best surgeon for your specific procedure!
Other than the fact that a three month recovery period feels grueling and never ending, my surgery and recovery have gone quite smoothly. Pain meds have been a mute point for me, as I have never been on anything stronger than 650 mg Tylenol. Even post-op!
Just had my three month (13 week) follow up appointment with the surgeon yesterday. Everything checked out beautifully!
After receiving advice from the physical therapist yesterday, I was released to resume normal activities! I am already able to tolerate sitting for 4 - 6 hours at a time without a break. And overall my pain levels are 0 to 1, depending on my activity at the time. I take Tylenol on an 'as needed' basis.
These are heartfelt, encouraging words regarding a L5 - S1 fusion procedure. I am confident that I will be joining my friends in the category of success stories!


  • RickallenRRickallen MichiganPosts: 85

    That's a great to hear .My surgery was a little bigger and Im praying for a good out come. I hand the cage and a metal bar put in my back .to hold the 5 l5 4 and s1 in place .im going on 1 mounth recovery. some days are good and some are bad. I go back to the dr Tuesday to find out how things are and if he will sign gor me to go back to work.

  • Thank you for sharing a success surgery story...I am having an ALIF next Friday and I am terrified
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  • relievedrrelieved Midwest USAPosts: 4
    Best wishes 'wanderluster'... I pray you, too, will soon be writing a success story!
    I am now 19 weeks post-op and am more-or-less back to normal. I am still off meds, and am able to tolerate any chair for any length of time! My husband and I just wrapped up a vacation, and I was able to enjoy it all... air travel, bike riding, sightseeing, etc!
    Just be patient through your recovery period!!!

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