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More pain after Diagnostic injection for hardware

A year and a half ago (9-23-2015) I had a fusion at L5 S1 with a T life using my bone for graft. It seemed I was healing well except for the pain at my donor site never really went away. Over all I was pleased with my results but disappointed that I still couldn't run because it would flare the donor site.  Still no complaints I was pleased. Then on. 10-19-2016 I had a strange sensation of ice water running down my leg. Within a few days the pain set in. Worse pain then I ever had before surgery, pain equivalent to after surgery pain plus a return of. Sciatica and horrible tail bone pain. After having a CT mileogram and an MRI my surgeon determined that I do not have a bulging disc, arthritis, or nerve impingement. What he did find was that I am not fully fused but that didn't explain why I would feel better and then over a year later have pain again. My hardware is stable but I am a small boned thin woman so he suspected  my hardware. First he ordered a diagnostic Steroid injection for the non fusion.  I was in horrible pain for the first 4 days after injection then it went back to the same level of pain before the injection. Today I had 4 Steroid Injections at the hardware . Again I am in pain after the injections (not as  bad as the 1st  injection but still bad enough for half a percocet). 
I'm so very discouraged.  I'm hoping tomorrow I will wake up pain free and it will just be the hardware needing to be removed. But what will be next if neither of these diagnostic injections work? Everything else in my back is perfect. 
Has anyone else had similar experiences and have any advice? 


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    Thank you for the welcome! The first one was in the spine at the non fusion site L5 S1. It was a Epidural steroid injection. 
    The 4 I just recieved were  at the hardware. They are also all  Steroid with lidocaine.
    These 2 procedures were  2 weeks apart and both are considered diagnostic. 
  • Now my Dr. is wanting to do exploratory surgery. That freaks me out. 
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