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Anterior and posterior surgeries

okay I'm scheduled for scoliosis surgery, anterior on the 10th of Jan, & posterior Jan 11th.  I just got off phone with the physician's assistant and she told me things that may happen.  One being I might be trading my back pain from scoliosis for nerve pain.  And she talked about swelling in the legs.  Because maybe vascular tissue can be cut during the pelvic fusion?!   How bout, no!   Supposed to get this done in a couple days now I'm back to wanting to cancel it.  Possible rod breaking too?  I won't start feeling better til 6 months?  What's with the leg swelling?  I know a gal who is 4 months post op and has exactly that.  And possible kyphosis - in my neck area since that won't be fused.  I'm scared!!  I just want to get rid of my scoliosis.  I don't want a whole new set of problems!  Anyone have these two surgeries back to back for scoliosis?  


  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
    Hi Kim,
    The nerve pain will go away eventually....the nerves will have to be moved some, but they will repair, it just takes time. 
    For me there was gabapentin or lyrica (pregabalin) offered, they're 2 different (related) nerve pain drugs.  I couldn't tolerate lyrica, but gabapentin was fine, so there are choices if one gives you any side effects, just ask your surgeon about switching to something different.  same with pain control....there's many different drugs that work differently for different people.....for instance morphine doesn't touch me, but hydromorphone was excellent at controlling my pain.  i guess my big thing is to talk to your surgeon and work together to get the best "plan" for you, the right treatments that work well early on after your surgery. 

    i have never had anterior anything, but i am sure if the surgeon thinks it's best-well, they're the experts, and have done this lots of times!  mine is all posterior, and a little shorter than yours will be, but i've been amazed so far....i'm off pain drugs and have been for 5 days now, just taking the occassional tylenol (regular) and my gabapentin. that's it!  i'm 19 days out today, so i've been off pain drugs except for the nerve pain since 2 weeks post surgery.  i ditched my walker about then too, and while i'm not walking "normally" yet, i'm contemplating setting the treadmill on the lowest setting and trying it out - at least on the treadmill i can watch a movie or something!  walking around my living room is BORING to say the least!!!!

    you are going to do great-you have an awesome surgeon!  and they won't be doing anything they don't think has to happen to get your straight again!
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