Lyrica or Gabapentin

Three days ago I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  However I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and a bulging disc at L4 -L5.  I have taken Gabapetin for years and it used to help with my pain, but is not the case anymore.  I am on a cocktail of meds including Enbrel which is currently not helping with symptoms anymore after 3 years of relieving the RA.  This past year I have been in agony with pain.  Cymbalta was tried and caused scary side effects.  I had to stop it after 4 days.
At my appointment the other day my NP added Celebrex for pain, discontinued the Enbrel, and prescribed Orencia instead.  After researching those meds, including Gabapentin, I realized that none of them actually treat the Fibromyalgia...only the RA and nerve pain.
     I am wondering how Lyrics works for Fibromyalgia, and if anyone was ever prescribed Gabapentin for it?  Which one worked better?  What side effects did anyone get with Lyrics?


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    Spock, welcome to Spine Health!! It always saddens me when someone says I have fibro.
    I was diagnosed over 20 yrs ago, at a time when very little was known about it.  And it took that length of time for the professionals to finally say it was a disease and not a symptom!!
    Your case reads like mine, bulging disc, arthritis and many others. But it was always the side affects of fibro that took it's toll on me. I've taken every kind of medication that the doctors thought would help.
    But everyone is different with different metabolisms. And I've done a lot of research of my own. I could not take Lyrica. With fibro I've suffered with anxiety and depression and Lyrica made it worse, so did Celebrex.
    I started taking Savella about five years ago, has worked wonders. About a year after I started taking it, I started slacking up on it, I wanted to see for sure if it was helping.  And it was. I will stay on it from now on.
    I also taken Neurontin for the nerve pain because of the disc. But it's like my doctor says, when you have fibro, what is causing what pain. It makes everything else so hard to figure out.
    I hope this has helped some, please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.
    Take care.
  • I've taken both for chronic nerve pain and fibromyalgia and hated it. Neurontin spaced me out way too much and Lyrica just piled the weight on me with not much relief. Savella was so much better for me and I actually shed the pounds once I switched to it. Fibro flares are better controlled on this medication. It used to help me sleep but the insomnia has gotten so bad. For me, switching to Savella was the best decision I made. 
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  • Oxycodone is the best in my opinion.  They will tell you it's too addictive- but when the pain was gone it took less than a week to wean my dose down and stop taking it. They will tell you it's not effective for nerve pain- in my experience it is the ONLY thing effective. Percocet  is ok if you are physically active. Something about the oxy/Tylenol combination get's you wired. But if you're restricted to minimal physical activity then just plain oxycodone. It not only works better than anything else I've ever tried from the pharmacy it doesn't  tear up your liver like acetametephine, doesn't tear up your stomach like NSAIDsThe Gabapentin helped with the nerve pain some when used with the oxy, but it literally made me retarded, and after taking it  a month+  it was difficult to complete a sentence ( i lost all my words. even simple ones!) and i became so forgetful I couldn't be trusted to cook a meal without supervision. I took oxy for a year straight that time (before surgery and thru recovery) it kept me pain free without having to trade up my other organs and I swear I came out in the end looking 10 years younger.
  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 382
    Just wondering if anything wrong with taking both lyrica and gabapentine?
  • rln12280rrln12280 Louisiana Posts: 27
    I have taken both. Lyrica I gain a lot of weight on immediately lost it when I got off it.  Neurontin I was recently prescribed and currently fighting the withdraws of trying to get off this terrible medication.  I do not recommend Neurontin at all withdrawals are terrible!!! And I was on it for only 20 days!  I have fibro and what has worked for me was Low Dose Naltraxone.  I did a lot of research on it and join FB support pages on it become I found a doctor that would prescribe it.  It has helped me.
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  • I am in constant pain with severe lumbar stenosis, 3 bulging discs and am terrified about taking pharmaceuticals. I also suffer from depression and choose to treat my ailment an alternative way. I know medical cannabis is not for everyone but I do find pain relief from it. I have done the vics, oxy, Tramadol etc etc. I don't get high THC cannabis but opt for I higher CBD or balanced ratio of THC for CBD strains because of my depression and anxiety. I know it is now for all but I do find relief with medical cannabis.     
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,415
    Mike, we all take whatever works for us. I'm glad you found what works for you and if it gives you relief than that's a lot more than a lot of people can say.
    Life goes on!!

  • There is a push right now in the medical field to have Lyrica removed from the market due to side effects.  I took it for a while some years ago and my short term memory was shot!  After I stopped taking it, I was able to think correctly again.  I was just speaking with a Dr. today about this med and he has personally stopped prescribing it.
  • I currently take Gabapentin prescribed for nerve pain after a bulging disc surgery, but never used it for Fibro. My Fibromyalgia diagnosis took 8 agonizing months & several drugs to try to treat pain. My rheumatologist recommended a TENS machine -you can buy your own on Amazon & they are very affordable. It helped. Dr also prescribed Lyrica; it never reduced my pain one bit, but took me from 118 lbs to 156 lbs in 2 months. I wanted to die! Stopped it immediately, especially since it wasn't helping. Only med that even made the slightest difference was Hydrocodone. I mostly relied on steroid injections in my shoulder/neck, but could only get those every 5 months. The relief never lasted that long. I suffered terribly for 2 years-then it went away. That was in 2015. I pray it never comes back. Also needed meds for depression & sleep. Worst condition I ever had. The worst!
  • I have tried both.  I currently take gabapentin.  They are very similar medications, and work in much the same way.  I was only on the Lyrica for a short time before my doctor switched me over to the gabapentin.  She told me that the effect is so similar in the two that it is not worth paying extra for the Lyrica.  As the years have passed, I have had to increase my gabapentin a few times.  The effectiveness does seem to decrease the longer that I am on it.  However, any time that I think it isn't working and stop taking it for a few days, I am reminded of just how much it IS doing to help with my pain and sensitivity.  I do still have to supplement with stronger pain meds when I am having a bad pain day.  The gabapentin does not work for that.  It is more of a maintenance medication that keeps my daily pain down to a manageable level.

    Best of luck to you in your search for relief!  I am a Fibro veteran of 18 years, so I can certainly relate. ;)

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