Lyrica or Gabapentin



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  • For me both Lyrica and Gabapentin have helped a lot with with my fibromyalgia pain which is usually nerve pain in one way shape or another. I took Lyrica for years and switched because it was costing me a FORTUNE. You can really play with the dosing on gabapentin with minimal side effects so it might be worth it to give it a shot! I take 2 300MG caps 3x daily now so if it’s not helping say something and you can work with your doc, Best of luck! Also recently added Celebrex and love it for my joint pain, hasn’t been bad for me. But how any of these drugs affect you will be different especially how they affect your fibromyalgia versus anyone else’s. It’s unfortunately trial and error to find that perfect cocktail. Also this totally depends of your state, I luckily live in DC, but THC and CBD Marihuana based topical balms and creams can really help fibro and joint pain and aren’t intoxicating for your brain at all, safe to use etc. Anything that helps! 

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