Looking for support, ideas and solutions.

Hi all,

I'm looking for any ideas, support or solutions that may help my situation.

I have chronic muscle pain and tightness in my pelvic area. More specifically my groin and glutes. I'm 41, male and been living with this for two years. It's wearing on me. I have mild stenosis in my lumbar region. L-3, L-4 vertebrae. My doctor tells me my symptoms are far worse than someone with mild stenosis. 

I have contacted two surgery clinics and both say surgery would not help. 

My quality of life is really low at the moment. I used to exercise daily. I love exercising and I used to be a personal trainer. I've accepted the possibility that I may never be able to workout again. At this point I'll just settle for not being in pain every day. 

Any suggestions, ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,




  •  Have you had epidural injections yet? It may bring relief temporarily for a period of weeks or months. I have thoracic and lumbar stenosis and was told also that corrective surgery isn't an option for me. After spinal surgeries, I developed epidural fibrosis which led to a diagnosis of failed back surgery syndrome. I decided to try a spinal cord stimulator to alleviate the nerve pain in my legs. It's still early in the process and I hope it will cover the axial back pain as well. I've seen exercises specifically for stenosis online but of course, always consult your doctor first. I do know that walking is beneficial for this. 
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    Hi Shamer, and welcome to Spine Health!!  I would have asked the same question. But, did your doctor offer any help at all? Like, any injections or physical therapy? Did he give you any options? 
    I have had spinal stenosis for years and have had numerous injections. Some help a little some did not. But everybody is different and reacts different.
    And walking, yes, walking is very good for your back. Now, I cannot stand for more than 10-15 mins but I still walk a lot. Even though it's just in the house, I make my laps all day.
    Hang in there, let us know more about you and keep us posted.
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    Hi I'm new to this forum, I have only been dealing with Lumbar Stenosis for 3 mos, I'm 65 and I sure feel bad for those who have had it for years.. doctor first diagnosed it as IT band syndrome, then they took an X-ray and said it was arthritis of lower back and hip.. I have not been able to sleep a whole night since.. my body shifted to the right side with shooting nerve pains down my right leg esp when I walk or try to lay for any time.. I insisted they give me an MRI which then revealed stenosis of L3 & L4..  I don't like prednisone and that is what the specialist my doctor insisted on giving me..  I got the prescription for the record  to please him but discarded them.. he refused to give me an MRI so I went back to my primary and demanded it ..  she then sent me to another specialist.  OK enough of me.. I started researching for natural ways to deal with this..  all the meds have side effects and I know it's hard not to take a pain med..  There's plenty of videos on YouTube  that Physical therapists and chiropractors have posted.. I find them to really help.  I feel better than before..   I was very active..   gym 5 - 6 times a week.. took long walks .. which I can barely stand a few city blocks now .. moderate resistance training seems to help. I bought some homeopathic ointment called NerveFix..  I really like it.. beats my doctor's oxycondone opitates and NSAIDs . all these can destroy your liver, kidneys and god knows what else.  I started taking a milder med called Meloxicam. only when I can't bear it... [EDIT] 

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