Popping sound while doing exercise in lower back


I am having an acute lower back pain and particularly while sleeping. It makes hard for me to even bend in bed. And its happening for last 3 months. I go for running and exercise in the morning. And after doing a much research on what would have caused this pain, I have realized I used to do sit ups and could listen to a popping sound that my back used to make. As if now I have stopped doing sit ups, but the lower back pain is not going.

I took few medicine for 2 weeks for muscle spasm but the pain did not go completely so now I am applying one ointment and going for jogging and doing exercises which can strengthen my lower back .

But still I could feel that when I do few exercise I can listen to the popping sound that comes at my right side of lower back. I have no idea how to cure it further please guide me through.

I need a list of DO's and Don'ts which I could follow so that I do not aggravate my situation. Should I continue doing the exercise like stretching out my leg to air ( like a high kick). I hear the popping sound when I do this with my right foot..

Also When I pull my both feet from the bottom while sitting in a low chair I could hear the popping sound. How could I  proceed to fix this tussle please let me know.




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    hello yamini

    there are no medical professionals on this forum side of the site. therefore, no one is capable or permitted to provide any type of medical advice. you need to consult a medical professional. someone that has access to your medical records.

    please click on link for information about spine-health
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    "Should I continue doing the exercise like stretching out my leg to air ( like a high kick). I hear the popping sound when I do this with my right foot.."

    What about stop doing all this stuff for a while...

    I just notice a bit of pattern. People have some back pain for whatever reason then start doing a lot of exercises that many times aggravate the problem 

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  • Thanks for your comments... I am doing exercises to strengthen lower back.. When I just lie down straight and try to bring my right foot near to chest and then move it back to floor I could hear the snapping popping sound. It is just with the right foot, with  left foot I do not find any sound coming.

    I visited orthopedic doctor but seems I need to look for better medical professional. 
  • Snapping and cracking is inflammation in your back. I have it too. Make sure you really tilt your pelvis toward the floor when you are on your back doing core. If it is still snapping, stop.  May want to try NSAIDs
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