Diffuse Disc bulge needs where and how to do treatment

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I am 30 years old. Gender male. Last 5 years i was suffering from backpain. Its was tremendous pain 5 years ago. Done some phycotharapic treatment ago but sometimes my pain come back. Now i have done MRI. And the report is.

1) Diffuse disc bulge with broad based central and right paracentral midly inferiorly migrated disc protrusion at L5/S1 level effacing ventral thecal sac and bilateral neural exit foraminae wherein encroaching upon bilateral exiting nerve roots more on right side and causing moderate secondary spinal canal stenosis (7.5 mm) 

2) Mild PIVD at L4/L5 level.

3) Degenerative lumber spondylosis

Now please suggest me what,where and how to do treatment. I will be very greatful if u guide me to overcome the problem. 



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    hello bhaskar
    there are no medical professionals on this forum side of the site. therefore, no one is capable or permitted to provide any type of medical advice.
    this includes any analysis, interpretation, or advice based on any diagnostic test.

    please click on link for information about spine-health

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  •  It would be best to see a spine specialist  soon so they can formulate a treatment plan. They likely will start with conservative treatments like medication, perhaps more physical therapy, or spinal epidural injections. I would be very careful going to a chiropractor at this point since you seem to have nerve compression. I only speak from my personal experience. If the pain lasts longer than 3 months and you show neurological deficits, then surgery may be an option. Only a doctor can determine this. Sometimes an epidural can postpone surgery in certain cases. 
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