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Cauda equina

Im probably overreacting but I was reading about cauda equina because of what my MRI results say.
My MRI says that at L4-5 disc extrusion contributes to moderate spinal canal stenosis with crowding of the cauda equina nerve roots.

What makes me nervous is that one of the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome is difficulty going to the bathroom.  I have been having difficulty urinating. I have to push really hard and it hurts to go. The last time I went nothing came out.

Maybe I'm being paranoid. I will definitely call my doctor Monday.  I didn't see a forum for this topic id like to hear other peoples experiences about this subject.


  • I'm new to this forum but am in the middle of getting diagnosed. I was also having limited ability to urinate even before my back fell out. It got worse after. It hurts to push and the nerves down there were not responding like normal. I found that some of it was aggravated due to the heavy meds. It's definitely something u need to discuss with your doctor. 
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