4 days post op ACDF C5-7

My surgery was Thursday morning in Birmingham, Al.  My surgeon said it could not have gone better.  Since I did not have pain or numbness/tingling (my problem was muscle loss in my shoulder, tricep and hand) it is hard for me to gage how successful the surgery will be. He said my disc were pressing against the spinal cord and he had to remove bone spurs.  I felt really good in recovery and was able to swallow pills with little problem. I spent one night in the hospital and was released on Friday to make a 4 hour drive back to Florida which caused no discomfort. So far everything has gone really well and I am only experiencing some discomfort in swallowing and tightness in my upper back.  I am still taking some pain meds and muscle relaxers but I will try to go without them soon.  I will wear a bone growth stimulator 4 hours a day for 3 months.  I seem to be able to turn my head as well as I could before surgery but he told me not to be trying to do this and that I should regain full motion.  The primary goal for my surgery was to stop the progression of muscle loss and hopefully get some muscle back but no guarantees.  I was fearful of waking up with pain or problems I did not have beforehand so I am posting this for anyone facing this type of surgery in hopes it may make you a little less fearful.  I am 62 and in very good health otherwise and have not had any previous spinal surgeries.  I have had total knee replacement in both knees and this surgery was a piece of cake in comparison.  I am taking a product called Ultimate Bone Builder in hopes that it will help with the fusion.  Now it is just a waiting game.    


  • drkimjddrkimj MarylandPosts: 15
    Thank you so much for sharing this!  I am having a 4 level ACDF tomorrow (C3/4 through C6/7).  It's so encouraging to hear your positive results.  I wish you a continued speedy recovery.
  • georgejonesggeorgejones Santa Rosa Beach, FlPosts: 24
    Good luck tomorrow.  Stay positive.
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