Confused by Test Results:

I am new to this Forum but have spent some time going over various threads to see what I can learn.  My back gave out 2 days before Christmas.  An MRI was ordered which showed 2 disc protrusions, herniation, stenosis, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease.  It left me in horrendous pain - horribly hunched and can only walk with a cane or in a wheelchair. I was working with a Spine Clinic at the time - and when the Clinic Dr looked at the MRI, he also saw a Sequestered Disc (ruptured disc), which explained the severe sciatic symptoms on my left leg.  He showed the MRI images to the practices Surgeon who agreed with him - Sequestered Disc.  

My chiropractor consulted with the original Radiologist as well as a Neurosurgeon who say that the part of the MRI that is showing the Ruptured Disc is actually a PARTIAL VOLUMING AVERAGING OF A TRAVERSING NERVE ROOT.  In other words, NO Sequestered (ruptured) Disc.  I feel it important to know what the true results of this test is but am very confused as to what to do.  We paid for the MRI in cash and I don't want to have to pay for another one.  

I realize we cannot diagnose on this Forum.  I simply ask for ideas on how to come to a conclusion on my MRI findings.  Most who I have consulted with - agree that it is critical to know if I have a Sequestered Disc.  

Any feedback wrote be greatly appreciated:)



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,636
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     Do you like, trust or have faith in your neurosurgeon? If not, I would take the MRI disc and find a new surgeon and get another opinion. 
  • Thanks for your input. I havent been able to speak with a neurosurgeon as they have been resourced via the clinic / chiro. However I did get the info of one of them and will be calling him tomorrow. I agree this is the next step. 
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    Perhaps you can take this MRI to another spine specialist for a second opinion..doctors can interpret the same imaging in different ways. Does the NS think it's a sequestered disc?
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