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17 year old with worsening back pain and sciatica

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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228
    hello erink17 !

    it is good you are seeing doctor. if doctor is not taking you seriously, well for me, i just repeated my symptoms to doctor every time i saw her, and needed to add symptoms as they came along.
    it can be somewhat intimidating to stay strong while in pain and needing help, but you are the best advocate for yourself!
    maybe your parents can help you along the way with doctors as in...yes! my daughter is in relentless pain...or however to explain....

    there are no medical professionals on discussion forum. none of us are qualified or permitted to advise as to, well, really guessing, where your pain came from, etc....
    the examinations and testings from doctor can be a bit of roller coaster...trial and try again.
    but in being tested, it is as important to rule out certain issues as it is to find issue causing your pain.
    and same can be said for then trying to reduce level of pain.

    i would ask doctor about any limitations you should have, or restrictions, until you have diagnosis.
    what i did/ if something causes pain, i stop!
    my thinking is the pain is as a warning and i don't want to cause further damage.
    for ex...i have needed to stop bending, twisting, lifting...

    for myself, i believe in in no one doctor can know everything about ..everything.
    i was referred to pain management doctor and that was best thing for me!
    he did more specific tests...and when i was explaining my symptoms, he was nodding as he understood my pain.
    then he went on to advise me with appropriate treatments and limitations, etc...

    while you are waiting for member's to respond with shared experiences, you may benefit from using search, upper right on page.
    typing in any of your concerns, ex....sciatica....may be led to current or older discussions.
    you may be led to medical side with articles and videos. very informative!

    also, clicking on faqs, on right side of page, under ...medicla will see information re questions to ask doctor, preparing for doctor visit, etc....
    some are written for specific doctor visits, however i have found they overlap and all the information i have found as suggestions for any of my doctor visits.

    please click on link for helpful information!
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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    I grew up in the era where we still went outside to play all year round, and as soon as we got out of school. Probably part of the last generation to make that claim. Sad to say:(. They now say education first, play second (I've been part of that problematic mentality), but now I really take a different view and tell my kids to put the books, phone, tv down and get out of the house for a while then come back and study.

    Rewind to my first 15 years in the work place. First I was on the production floor, not production line. After about 2 years of that I changed and became a lab technician [before everyone had their own personal computer]. That meant I stayed mobile and active even during the work day. After 15 years I then went to a new place of employment and have been here for 11 years. From day one I was at the desk for 8-10 hours a day. I occasionally would go to the production floor. About 7 years after starting (about 4 years ago) I was stricken with sciatica. Sooo.....a childhood spent being active, and 15 years of variable-motion work habits and no chronic pain, then 7 years after starting a desk job, boom! Sciatica. Coincidence or result of poor daily habits? I forgot to add that I've always been active after work - going to the gym, running, officiating soccer. But those activities only happened for two hours each time, so in reality, the majority of my day was spent in a lack-of-motion state.

    Aside from the sciatica, I would not discount the neck pain that radiates to your arms. It can be very common in those who spend a lot of time in a forward posture position. You're young so getting educated now will only benefit you later. Fill yourself with knowledge. Look at pain from multiple perspectives. Find those that make sense to you and agree with your way of thinking and you'll be on your way! Best!  
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