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Help: lower back / sciatica

Hello, to make a long story short I had a fall at work. When it happened I was in terrible pain and had a shooting pain down the back of one of my thighs, my foot was tingling and feeling like it was going to sleep constantly. I was taken to the ER and they done xrays and ct scans and ruled out any broken bones. I was told to follow up if I was still having trouble. I ended up going to my family Dr. about 5 days later because I was still having pain and that tingling/numb feeling in my foot. I am scheduled for an MRI, just having a lot of anxiety from this whole situation. Everything I read on here seems like a disc herniation is the culprit. I've been on Hydrocodone, flexeril, and Neurontin. Seems like the flexeril and Neurontin help the most but the pain doesn't go away. I'm constantly in some form of pain. The majority of it in my back and down the back of my thigh. The past few days I've noticed a new pain that isn't as often as what im feeling in my back and thigh. This new pain is on the outside of my leg right below my knee and it feels like it raidates down my shin a little. I would say I feel this maybe 10% or 15% of the time my back/thigh/numb foot are bothering me. My back is just a dull ache with sharp stabbing pains depending on how I move.  The back of my thigh is a sharper almost burning pain that is a little worse than my back. I'm stilll getting use to all this, and every now and then I catch myself having a moment of relief and I'll bend over and it feels like electricity down my thigh and I'm back in misery. Seems like if I sit in the same position for more than a few minutes it starts bothering me or if I walk more than a couple hundred feet. I usually wake up around 8am, my back isn't as bad if I take a flexeril before I lay down. Its just stiff and takes me a little while to get up and going. Then by 10:30am I'm miserable. If I'm awake 14 hours a day it seems like I'm experiencing pain or discomfort for 10 of those hours. I'm male and in my mid 30s, a little on the husky side, with no prior back problems. I don't want to become dependent on pain medication, as of right now what I have taken hasn't done much to help me anyway.  Sorry for making my first post this rant, but I'm sick of telling my wife 50 times a day about my back hurting lol. If anyone has had a similar experience I'd like to hear how things turned out and what worked for you? Thanks


  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    Did you fall and hit your low back or did you twist an odd way going down? I would tackle the sciatic pain first and then move on to the low back pain. IF the meds are doing nothing you should consult with your doctor about weening off them. Are the meds keeping the status quo, and if no longer taking them what would your pain level be?  
    While you wait for the doctor you could practice proper breathing techniques to ease the pain (diaphragmatic breathing is the only way to breath:) ). In my best guess I'd say you'll probably be changing positions often. Sitting hurts, so you stand. Standing hurts so you lay. On and on. Watch bending at the hips in any direction. Stay away from weight training or any impact exercises for now. Stay hydrated too. Start education yourself on this subject. Get as much information as you can. Look outside conventional methods, as long as they aren't potentially damaging methods. Make sure they have some merit and that they make sense to you. Good luck! 
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    hello kyguy606 !
    if i'm reading correctly, your working with your gp doctor..?
    my primary doctor tried working with my pain oso years before referring me to pain management doctor.
    best thing for me!

    he did variety of tests that at the time i wasn't even aware of..and he immediately addressed the issue of my pain.
    it was like when i was explaining my symptoms, he was nodding in understanding like he was already coming up with a plan for me.

    the testing helped him discover cause of pain..and i also believe ruling out issues is just as important and finding issues.
    then treatments could become more directly related to my issues.

    you may find it helpful to click on faqs, on right of page, and under...medical information...there is reading re to prepare for first pain management appointment...and other suggestions re other kinds of doctors, surgeons, etc...
    i find the information overlaps and has been helpful to me with my different doctors.

    please click on link for helpful information!
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