Disc desiccation at L4/L5 and L5/S1 some questions!

Hi gang and happy new year!
I'm after a few answers for some questions I have relating to the above diagnosis from anyone unluckily enough to have had the same. I am trying to work out if the pain I am experiencing is as a result of this or something else. .

1) Most people who have this seem to have had gradual onset pain. Mine arrived one day like a light switch and has stayed ever since albeit with very slow improvement over the last 4 months. Did anyone else have it suddenly arrive?

2) Whilst I do get the odd twinge in the L5 area, most of my pain and stiff feeling comes from around T10 area which has been MRIed as normal. Again do many of you find that the pain is anywhere but the area diagnosed?

3) Does the level of pain remain constant through the day? Mine can go from feeling horrible to reasonable within 20 minutes, seemingly for no reason at all.

4) Finally, I get some of my pain from sitting but much more from laying on my back, something that I've seen a lot of people say eases it. Anyone else find laying on it to be worse?

Thanks to all that reply!


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    Mirez, welcome to Spine Health!! From further reading here on Spine Health, disc desiccation, is the early stages of degenerative disc disease. You still have fluid in your disc spaces but not as much as you should.
    It's hard for me to answer your questions because I have DDD and it's painful. But I have so many other things going on its hard to tell what hurts. I can't sit for more than 5 mins, stand about 15 min and can only sleep on my side.
    All of these questions should be discussed with your doctor. When you got the results of the MRI, what were his suggestions and options?
    Please keep us informed as I would like to know how you do in the early stages.
  • Thanks for the reply and sorry to hear you are in pain.

    My consultant wasn't that big on chatting to be honest and just dismissed me as not needing surgery so should just go to physical therapy. I actually went back for a third appt to ask some more questions and they were all wishy washy answers with no commitment :(

    I am in the same boat that sitting for more then 15 minutes hurts but walking actually frees it for me. 

    It makes sence what you said about there still be fluid in there as they didn't look compressed on the MRI, just darker then then ones above. I think like many others on here have found, getting an accurate diagnosis and then prognosis is half the battle :(
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