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Chronic lower back pain

So I'm 22 and I've been suffering from really bad back pain for approximately the last 4 months. The first couple months it wasn't so bad. Just thought it was a muscle strain as I lift up to 60 lbs. cases at my job. So I figured give it some time and it would heal, but it hasn't. It's mainly towards my very lower back and the lower left hand side of my back. If I stand too long without all our stretching, and I bend over, it feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing me in the back and I have to wait a minute to even be able to stand back up straight. If I lay on my stomach for 20 minutes or longer, I actually have to have my boyfriend help me get up because my back is so beyond cramped. And just an every day thing. I barely bend over, my back feels like it a cracking a thousand times just to do that one move. I went to a doctor about two months ago and he performed some scans and he said there was nothing there. No tears or anything involving my discs. But since it's gotten a lot worst I'm concerned that maybe he missed something?? I'm just wondering if anyone else has had pain like this before and if you did, what was the diagnosis? I'm worried if I go to another doctor that they are just going to tell me the same thing and I'll be stuck just using bengay everyday and hoping for the best. 

22 year old female.
Average height and weight. 
Pretty active with work and working out.



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,448
    Barolo, Welcome to Spine Health!! You are so young to be going through back problems and I'm so sorry.
    What type of doctor did you see?  Since you are in that much pain have you thought about getting a second opinion?
    Laying around in that much pain is not going to give you an answer. Everyone is different, their pain, diagnosis, treatment, etc.
    I compare my back pain to someone hitting me with a baseball bat and sending swords up my spine. But, to name a few, I have 4 bulging disc. I hope that is not your case.
    Diagnosing spinal problems can be very difficult. It's up to you and the doctor to start digging. So you, as the patient, needto provide the doctor with all sorts of clues.
    Keep us posted on what you decided and how you are doing. 
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  • I had originally went to my family doctor where she had ordered some scans and referred me to a doctor at the local hospital. Which he proceeded to tell me that he didn't see any damage and told me to go to a chiropractor. Which I did for about 2 weeks but noticed that it was actually getting worst. And I have made an appointment for an actual specialist dealing with Spinal injuries 2 hours away. But the earliest I could get an appointment is in April which is really unfortunate. What I'm debating on is if I should just wait until then or try going to my family doctor again and basically go through the same thing all over again. Where I live I don't exactly have any specialists for back and spinal injuries except the one. Anytime I go to the hospital I immediately have to pay $1800 out of pocket before insurance covers anything. So that's where I'm kinda stuck at right now. 
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  •  It's good you're going for a second opinion but the wait is far out. MRI's and other scans are subject to different doctor sees a problem while the other one doesn't. Do you have radiating pain down your leg? If so, a nerve conduction study could point to the origin of the disc involved when an MRI is inconclusive. A discogram is a provocation test to see which disc is the pain generator, but is painful and invasive. I've had similar symptoms and also nerve pain shooting down my leg. It turned out to be  disc herniation at L4-S1. Prolonged sitting, standing, walking and driving made the pain worse. Self help remedies are using heat pads, ice packs, massage, pain relieving creams like Icy Hot w/ Lidocaine, Theragesic patches, and hot showers/baths. Muscle relaxers are great if you can get your regular doctor to prescribe them, as well as pain medication. Anything to tide you through til your appointment in April. 
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228
    hello brillo !

    please click on link for helpful information!
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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 699
    Did the chiro only give you adjustments or were you given a home routine in addition? Stay clear of any chiro that only gives you adjustments with no further direction beyond that. If you have nerve impingements, I can't see how forcibly moving your spine/pelvis is going to help. And don't settle for your primary nor ER doctors telling you there's nothing wrong. Their next response is that "its in your head", and you obviously know it isn't. 

    Were you injured in some way...meaning have you had any accidents or trauma that led to the pain? Or is this a chronic pain that developed over time? For me personally, I can't say that lifting a heavy object would be the cause. It might be a trigger, but not the true culprit. Chronic pain usually develops over a long period of time and not isolated to any one event. 

    Also, is there a reason you lay on your stomach (prone)? Be careful with doing that as it can put the spine into an unnatural position. For me, whenever my back feels tensed, I like to lay on my back on the floor with my legs on a chair (knees bent at 90 degrees) and then put my arms out to my side with palms facing up. I'll stay there until I feel my low back muscles all release and relax to the floor. I'm usually there for at minimum 5 minutes. Its very relaxing. I'll simply focus on my breathing using my diaphragm the whole time. Its the one exercise I do almost every day. I've come to know it as Static Back.  

    Unfortunately you have to wait another 3 months to see a specialist. Even more unfortunate is that there is no guarantee with seeing them that you'll be any better off. You're doing right by trying to find solutions to help you along the way. For now, see if your work will allow you to be on light duty.....just not a desk job. While you do not want to be moving heavy weights of any kind, you also want to keep your body in motion so your muscles don't get out of whack. Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck! 
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  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 207
    "And just an every day thing. I barely bend over, my back feels like it a cracking a thousand times just to do that one move. "

    After a back surgery the doctor recommends no bending, no twisting, no lifting 

    What about respecting those recommendations for 1-2 months, even if you have no surgery.
    Just to see if something improves.

    Imagine you have an accident to your finger and each day you are hurting it. Will your finger heal?

    I am not saying not to move, just saying to doing in such a way in order to avoid pain as much it is possible.

    Is just a thought, maybe I am wrong but this is what I am trying now.
  • Hello all
    I am 21 yrs old boy, nd i having pain in my lower back only not in legs or buttocks. Story is i am working out boy in gym. One day when m doing work out for back i lifted a little high weight appr 80kg. On that time i felt that something has been happened to my back n from that day i have had started pain in my lower back. Nd nw its 3 months later still i have pain in my lower back. I have had consulted one ortho doctor he said i have a bulging disc orherniated disc thats why its paining n he suggested me bed rest bt its impossible to take bed rest coz m working boy i have had some medicine also but still i feel pain while sitting or bending over not more than that. Body building is my dream n want to be a good body builder nd now i stopped going gym by doctor's suggestion. But i want to be recover as soon as. So please give me proper guidence. M doing some back exercise watching on internet. I only have pain in lower back nd it feels when only sitting or bending over. Else m good. 

    So please give me proper guidence to recover as soon as nd can i go for gym after recover..? Nd do heavy workout again.
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