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Depressing visit with Neurosurgeon

Following up from my previous post I had my first appointment with the neurosurgeon today. After having no luck with injections, PT, chiropractor and massages, at the recommendation of my massage therapist I went to a neurosurgeon.

Well the visit was depressing. So I knew that my L3-L4 disc was torn and herniated, and that L4-L5 was also torn and herniated, however, the Ortho I had been seeing missed that L5-S1 is also torn and herniated. 

The surgeon said I would be a candidate for a 2 level possible 3 level spinal fusion. However he is not ready to or willing to do that yet. He wants me to continue with the injections and trying other means of relief. He told me up front that the results of the fusion vary between 50%-70% success and so he really really pushes people to not consider this surgery because as he put it "it's a very big, very intense surgery" to deal with the pain in other means as long as possible until it starts to impede on their ability to function daily. 

I feel stuck. I by no means want to have a surgery with such mixed success rates, but I am also extremely limited on the options I have. It's pretty much just more injections. I can't even take NSAIDs or pain medication because of my gastric bypass. 


  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 189
    I also have herniated disks and stenosis L3-L4; L4-L5; L5-S1 and big stomach problems because NSAIDs.
    I am just learnead how to avoid movements that exacerbate pain, from walking, dressing, entering in a car and so on.
    As anti inflammatory I take a natural product enzyme based, that clearly improved my morning stiffness 
    I am doing some special exercises with no spine movement 
    Spine movement triggered some sharp knife pain and once one happened my day had a very poor prognosis 

    What I described above may have no connection with your condition just seems to improve mine.
     I still need more testing before drawing a conclusion 
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