In pain feeling alone

I hurt. Getting out of bed hurts. I can only lay on my stomach. Pain meds don't really help. I only work 30 hours a month and thank God the hours are flexible. I've been in bed all day and I'm frustrated. I've never had back pain before. It started about 6 months ago and is just getting worse by the day. I've been through all the conservative treatments and my pain doc wants me to have surgery. I don't see the spine doc till the end of the month. I'm not sure what to do in the meantime...just live in pain???? This is no fun.


  • Hello cat

    At some point in your timeline, it chqnges from living in pain..
    To living

    The first time is always rough and the effort involved with dealing can be the most strenuous because of the newness and uncertainty of the change in life.

    Everything changes as you adapt and find limitations..push against limitations and find the frustration that only x months,weeks,days ago, you were able to do this.

    Be mindfull and learn as much as you can about your pain.

    Separate the Physical pain from the mental and emotional pain.

    Suffering is in part the aftermath of the unending physical stimulus, it will drag down. Your will and your everyday equilibrium.

    Hang in there and when you see doc dont forget he is no mind as eloquent as you can about your total wellness.
  •  Are you prescribed anything for pain while waiting to see if you need surgery? It's a good thing you can still hold on to your profession and that hours are very flexible. Strenuous work is ill advised at this point. I know how chronic pain can be isolating, but now you have people you can reach out too here. I'm home most of the time and have to lay down to take the pressure off my spine. Thank goodness for the internet or else I would be a recluse. What type of surgery are you looking at?
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  • KChrispcatKChrispcat CaliforniaPosts: 54
    I spend many days in bed. I'm taking norco but it only helps a little. I'm not sure yet about the surgery. I will be meeting the the end of the month. I've done research on him and there is really good feedback. He has a very good education and is the director of spine surgery at the hospital I go to. Anyway, I believe he is a good doctor. He also specializes in minimal invasive spine surgery.

    How do you enter and save the info a t the bottom of your page?
  • KChrispcatKChrispcat CaliforniaPosts: 54
    Hi Wiiliam. I just saw your comment. I'm still in denial. I'm really frustrated because before this happened I was trying hard to lose weight so I could go back to kickboxing.  This is a hard pill to swallow.
  • KChrispcatKChrispcat CaliforniaPosts: 54
    I'm official now. See my picture?  :)
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  • Cat.
    So you noticed the stages..
    These will pass too.

    In your own time
    At your pace and when your ready.

    Its funny..I have been watching cinema here and there.i have a smattering of languages and realised that the older i get..the uptake in those sems so slow..when in reality, ime looking through a lens of time and distance between when i first learned
    And now.

    It seems to take forever to learn.."this is an Apple"
    "The Apple is green"
    May I have that delicious green Apple please"
    I made you think of apples
    I mentioned...greeeen apples..yum!
    You knew the taste of,a green apple and hopefully you salivated at the thought.

    Many things happened beside the language

    Emotional factors came into play.

    Over time
    You had learned these intangibles

    Its the same with chronic pain

    Its a new language of sorts and your learning it slowly..sometimes too slowly compared to what you know...

    The stages 
    The mental game
    The emotional toll.

    Every tool you need is right there inside you
    Some can change and adapt in the proper measure
    Some dont

    Support systems around you
    And the indefinable spark of human existence..that will help or hinder you.

    How and if you decide having to over seemingly at a new part of life a new stage is part of being a Spiney
    And part of being surrounded by peers who have been there.

    And knowing someday, what you are suffering will someday enable you to put your shoulder under someone else in their dark hours.

    One day
    One hour
    One breath

    Thats where it starts.

    You will get through this
    You will find your center again
    You will get your balance again

    Hold that chin up Spiney
  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654
    It's best not to spend too much time in any one position. It's better to add motion to your daily habits, more so than sitting, standing, laying. The less you use your body, the harder it becomes to use it. Be careful about spending too much time in bed, regardless of level of pain. Too many bad things can come of it, such as depression and more pain. Even though you can't lay on your back the other positions can most certainly be adding to your pain. It's probably not so much about your position while in bed, but rather more about being in bed in the first place allowing your muscles to go dormant and making it harder for them to be useful when needed. Like getting out of bed :( .  

    While you wait for your next appointment take this time to start flooding yourself with information. Learn about the pain. You can focus on your daily habits as they are now, and the habits leading up to your pain. Keep a journal for this. Log how much time spent sitting, standing, laying versus being active. Learn about the kinetic chain and it's effect on your posture and [learn about the opposite] posture and it's effects on the kinetic chain. Learn about muscle imbalances. Learn about posture alignment. You weren't always in pain, so at one time your posture alignment was in proper balance and all your bones, joints, discs, muscles, nerves worked as they should. 

    It really is up to you to gather the information. Do not wait for your doctors to provide you with it. Most often they're focus is on the site of the pain rather than what truly led to the pain. That's what they're trained to do so we really can't hold them totally accountable. 

    Best of luck to you. Please keep in touch and check back often! 
  • KChrispcatKChrispcat CaliforniaPosts: 54
    Hi guys, I appreciate your feedback and knowledge. I'm trying hard to understand all of this. Ironically I was in an outpatient mental health treatment program when all this started. I had to quit because I was missing too many days. I can't really sit in a chair for very long.

    I feel better as the day goes on. Yesterday I went to the gym and walked in the pool butt I'm paying for it today. It was hell getting to the bathroom this morning. Its been about an hour since I took two norco and it still hurts like hell to walk.

    I just don't get how people can function like this. I've never had pain like this. Its miserable.

    On a different note. My cat who quit sleeping on my bed over a year ago hardly leaves my side. She's so sweet. If shes not laying next to me and she hears me moan she will come to me. Its comforting to me,
  • rascallyrrascally OklahomaPosts: 13
    Animals have a sixth sense when their owners are struggling with something.  I'm glad she gives you some comfort.
  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654
    Until you get your pain taken care of it's probably best to stay away from both resistance as well as impact type exercising. Unfortunately the pool is a form of resistance exercise which promotes muscle strengthening. Right now you might rather get your muscles balanced, get out of pain, then start with strengthening. 

    Try splitting time equally with sitting, standing, laying. I often watch tv standing up more than sitting on the couch. Same goes for the computer, and I try to stay off my phone when lounging around. Doing stuff as simple as small chores around the house serves a multitude of purposes for the better. You're allowing your muscles and joints to have variable movements without adding much strain, and the house is a bit more clean! I get no complaints from my wife:)  
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