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Cervical Spine Stenosis and Hip/Leg/foot

Just wondering here...
Does any of you with cervical spine stenosis have pain and/or radiating pain in you hip, leg, and/or foot on one particular side of body?
Thx for your replies in advance.


  • momo-kmmomo-k Posts: 99
    edited 07/30/2019 - 9:08 AM
    Thanks for your reply. I only had an MRI for my cervical spine.

    I am going to see the doctor who referred me to NS in a few weeks, so I will ask all the pains that I've been experiencing. My hip to leg pain has been more pronounced than neck/shoulder pain at the moment. It seems I can t get any break from the pain business. :/ 

    A couple more questions:
    1. Did you take an EMG Test prior to your surgery? 
    2. How many days before your surgery did the doctor's office contact you to go through pre-surgery exam, seminar,  and/or prep?

    Thanks again.

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