Pain prevents MRI

Today, I was scheduled for MRIs of my right knee and lumbar spine.   I took a percocet tablet abot two hours before and 20mg of valium 30 mintes before the procedure.  When positioned for the knee image, I experienced a level10 pain in the knee/leg and was unable to continue.  When positioned for the lumbar image, the pain restarted and reached a level 7 or 8 before stropping the procedure.  What alternative is available? 


  •  I don't know, unless the doctor writes orders for sedation. I never had it for MRI, just for ct myelograms. They usually let me have a pillow for under my knees since laying flat is pretty much impossible for me. 
  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
    i was going to say see if they can pack you with pillows in a comfortable position.....they had to do that for me with my last MRI.  i absolutely could not lay flat in the scanner....not with my back problems.  if you can lay on your side or front sometimes they can scan that way as well.....but they need a bigger scanner for laying on your side. 
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