Walking devices for scoliosis

I'm 18 and have a 68 degree curve, and my specalist has suggested we wait to see how fast my curve is progressing until I get surgery. I'm currently in a boston tlso brace that I got when I was 16, and I'm appointed to wear it 24 hrs a day and only really take it off when I shower. My curve makes me lean to the right a ton, which messes with my balance and it's hard to walk like that. Also, whenever I'm walking i get extreme pains that shoot through my lower spine and upper right back. I want to get a cane to support me when I walk and to keep my balance, but I don't know if it will work for the scoliosis pain. Does anyone have input on getting a cane?


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    I had a 69 degree to the left (just had surgery to correct) but i also used a cane to walk any distance prior to surgery because of pain, leg giving out and balance issues. It did not help me with my pain at all. But it did save me from crashing down crossing the road etc. 

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    hello carajow !
    curious if your doctor, or if you are seeing physical therapist have opinions and or suggestions?

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