Pain, pain go away!!!

Hi all,

Have not posted in a while.  Had two level acdf three months ago.  Surgery had complications with meds in IV.  I felt better initially but have been regressing.  Other posts in Neck pain are similar.  I have gone back to work but cant seem to do my job.  It is physical but not horrible.  My neck hurts so bad at end of day.  Went to pain management appointment last week and started steroid dose pack.  Still taking pain pills and muscle relaxers.  I know three months is not long but I was hoping for more.  I need to take another month or two off work.  I live in the real world and as I have already taken three months off this could be the end of my job.  I have bills to pay just like everyone else. 

Not really sure what to do.  As of now I am toughing it out each day.  Steroids helping but I know when pack is done I will be right back to bad pain.  I hate degenerative disc disease.  I hate pain and I am sick of hurting.  I am also tired, pain really takes it out of you.  Thanks for listening. 



  • Hi there fellow spiney. I would recommend going back to pain management for more aggressive treatment. They are the folks who help us to recover. Healing takes as long as it takes. Be kind to yourself in this process. What you have been through is major surgery, so try to be kind to yourself. You will get better. 
  • Thanks for the reply, I know it is early and it does take time to heal.  I have just gone back to physical work at shipyard three weeks ago and I come home hurting.  I wish I had more time off but doctor said I was ready.  I have to pay the bills some kind of way.  I wake up every night after about two hours sleep and have to get up and take meds.  I sit there another two hours until I can fall asleep again.  I know there are others that are worse off than I am.  I wish we could all be pain free.  I really thought I would feel a lot better by now.  Of course doctor made it seem like a walk in the park.  I should have know better.  I wish I had not had surgery.  I hurt more now than before.  Thanks

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  • jimandjrjimandjr Dallas TXPosts: 688
    ACDF is tough. Hang in there. Can't shake my pain from cerv ADR in 2012 and ACDF in 2013. Can't work. 
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,194

    I am sorry about the pain you are dealing with.  What are you doing about the pain? And what kind of pain is it?

    I know that for me some of the pain required a second surgery, but some just required stretching and an occasional muscle relaxer.  So be sure to discuss it with that surgeon of yours.

  • Thanks Bruce,

    I know what you have gone through so I know you understand.  I have neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder blade pain and arm pain.  The pain in my shoulder blade and arm is nerve type pain.  Had it before surgery.  Neck pain is the more painful constant pain.  I have a pain management dr who gives me narcotic pain meds and Neurontin.  I started Medrol dose pack last week because I could not turn my head to the left at all.  I could not sleep or even lay down.  I had to sleep in a recliner chair.  I go back to surgeon next week but am not hopeful as he just say all my other patients are doing fine must be you.  Yeah right, I am the problem.  Wish I had never had it done.  Pain was bad before surgery but worse now.  I don't want second surgery, not sure what to do.  Will have to think long and hard.  Of course going back to work full time did not help at all..

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  • DMO, I can't imagine a surgeon signing off on returning to hard physical labor before a year, but I can imagine some unkind md blaming the patient. Are you at least using a very supportive neck brace?
    . I would seek a 2nd opinion from a totally unrelated surgical or pt group. Also, I'm wondering if you can work something out with your job, work at a desk, part time, or even short term disability. If you are in a union, they would certainly help you.   I had ACDF cervical 6-7 & wasn't allowed physical therapy until 6 weeks. Weight restriction of 5 lbs for 6 months. I nearly screwed things up by bending over & lifting the corner of a solid oak door. I was on rest again for 3 weeks.
    I had S5-L1 in September, and the pain is still constant,  but improving. I can't sit or stand for very long, and I've irrtated & inflammed the nerves twice by pushing myself. Still on 5 lb weight restriction.
    We are all different in how our bodies respond & heal. I wish you a positive solution so you can heal properly.
  • Hello Ms Terri,

    I told the surgeon I had a physical shipyard job where I lift and pull and push all day long.  He said "you seem ok to me (of course, I haven't worked in two months)"  I should have stayed home another month at least.  Now I have same symptoms as before surgery.  I would have to go back on disability as there is nothing easy for me at work.  Its the all or none law there.  Not a union worker, its me against the world if you know what I mean.  I don't use neck brace at work, they would not allow it.  No restrictions at all.  I hope you are feeling better with your back surgery.  I hate having this surgery, and I hate the way I feel.  I listened to dr and hoped everything would turn out ok.  I am not blaming anyone, I guess this is what happens as we age.  Dr. should not have sent me back so soon.  When are you returning to work?  How did you hurt your back.  Let me know how you are doing and God bless.


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