Anyone eligible for handicapped parking with a 3 level neck fusion (or something similar)?



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  • Congratulation Faith981.  We all need a little helping hand sometimes and I am very happy to hear you were successful in getting the assistance you need.

    I have got to the stage that I don't care what other people think.  I have spent so long worrying and adjusting to other people, I have just realised it is my turn to be considered :-).  Not sure why I have been so considerate to others for so long and put up with rude behaviour but things are changing now.  There could be a few surprised faces on people that should know better :-)

    Enjoy the ease of parking comfortably
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  • How about getting a new car with the back up cameras? I am a 3 level C fusion 7 years and don't look forward to my next which could be at any time now. My hubby got a car with the back up cameras and I love it! My next car will definitely have soon as I can sell my Third!
  • I have a placard and use it, and I'm in my early 40's and look to be otherwise healthy. When people look at me, I ignore them. I can't walk more than a short distance without searing pain. Most disabilities can't be seen - which is why you need a doctor's signature to get a placard, not a DMV exam. 

    I feel no guilt - I need it. I had a harder time filing for disability accommodations at work because I didn't want to think of myself as disabled. Clearly I am, but labels do not make the person. It's sort of like the first time I saw a psychiatrist - and now I realize she's a specialist in disorders of the brain who focuses on medication management. If I had diabetes, I wouldn't hesitate to see an endocrinologist. 

    Get the card - I use it when there is no other close parking, but if there's a spot just 2-3 spots away, I'll leave the disabled parking for someone who also needs it. 
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