Exercise with a c5/6 disc protrusion and spur

hi I'm 39 yr old formerly fit ;) mom, with a c5/6 cranially extending osseous spur in the left 5/6 with is compression my c6 nerve root. Also a small central c5-6 protrusion with annualar fissure at c5-6 with partial effacement of the ventral CSF.

My my journey starts 9 months ago with an occasional stiff neck. I spin bike at home and have a 3 year old that I lifted /carried from time to time on my left side. Fast forward three months ago -went for a hair cut- the salon sink tipped my head back and I felt immediate pain. I've been in pain- stiff neck and left shoulder pain sometimes in my forearm and hand since the hair salon wash. 
I've been on Gabapentin for a few weeks and just had an epidural in the area of the nerve impingement.

my question is what are the best stretches/ exercises to do? Also will I be able to spin bike again like I used to (holding handle bar) or should I just ride sitting up, I am worried that the hanging down of my neck during the biking contributed to my issue, as well as my lack of stretching. My physiatrist just gave me the referral to the PT last week, I went to one session and showed the physiatrist today some of the exercises the PT gave me and physiatrist said some of them were too compressing to my left side?
 I'm really getting out of shape because I'm afraid of exercises for fear of flaring my neck up- I have small children I want to get letter and be fit or just healthy like I used to be. Any help advice experiences with this/ exercises, light weight lifting  is appreciated.


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    Reminder....there are no medical professionals on discussion forums.
    We are not qualified or allowed to offer advice.

    Please seek approval form your doctor before taking on any exercises on your own.

    Thank you.....
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    i responded to your other comment/discussion that you began on this exercise and rehab forum....for you to please refer to.

    re salon sink and subsequent pain....please, if anything hurts please stop that activity.
    of course, sometimes we don't know until it is too late.
    re your questions re riding your bike, please talk with your doctor about such.
    he will approve or not. if he approves doctor will give instructions re your questions of holding handle bar.

    its so important to run things by your doctor first, so you and your body have best future.

    not sure if it's to be helpful to you, but for myself, i am almost constantly aware of my alignment.
    any activity i know to take me out of alignment, i do not do...intentionally anyway.
    i have not had my hair washed in salon in ...i don't know how many years.
    and if i cross my legs, i self correct it has become a foreign position to me now.

    many of us can understand you want to return to activities as they were before.
    and hopefully that is in your future. that's a good discussion for doctor.
    in the meantime, to remember to take the very best care of yourself now for best future results.

    please, be patient with your present limitations!

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  • I have some of the same problems and I just started PT. I asked them if I could start back at the gym and she said at least 6 weeks but of course she is not a doctor. For now she said I could do body weight exercises but keep my neck in a neutral position. The issue we are working on is tricep and forearm strength so I do the green and red rubber band things and a forearm exerciser that I got at big 5.

    It will come , be patient


  • I've been seeing a new PT  for 3 weeks and find that nothing is helping if not.. worsening some of my radiculopathy. This isn't my first PT for for this issue either and this PT is trained in the Mckenzie technique and has even treated some doctors with radiculopathy etc. so he doesn't seem inexperienced... 

    PT had me trying chin tucks, isometrics lying down, side bends..but nothing seems to be helping the stiff neck and aching traps and scap area, or the ulnar pain/ numbness. PT added some trap and scapula stretch/ exercises with theraband too. 

    My pinky is numb again  and ring finger feels a bit too if Ive been sitting a while 

    I feel so frustrated because so far haven't been told I need surgery just some weakness in my pinky.

    Im trying hard to be patient, but frustrated and like upset to go to PT sessions and say I feel worse.. almost every session from what we worked on previously. 
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