mild facetal anthrology

what do we understand by mild facetal anthrology in l2-l3/ l5-s1? precautions, exercises n cure? 


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    hello signh123 !
    curious what your doctor has explained to you about your condition?

    search in this site may be helpful to you re any of your concerns...upper right on page.

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  •  I've had radio frequency ablation for facet arthropathy in the past where the pain generating medial nerve is burned. If it's caught early, perhaps the progression might be slowed down
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  • Hi I have facet arthopathy in my lumbar l3-4..l4-5 and l5-s1... I'm not sure if its the cause for my left ankle pain or not..I just wanted to ask you how long have you had problems with facet arthopathy and if you had pain in lower extremities.. What kinda pain? What if felt like.? 

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