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Adult Scoliosis/Lumbar DDD surgery? T10-L5

Hi Everyone...I am a 58 year old healthy, active,
female, fit and not overweight living in Alberta, Canada. For the last 2 years,
in spite of being quite active with decent mobility, I have had alot of lower
back pain (am pretty tough and can tolerate pain quite well and don't want to
mask it with meds) and struggled at times like when I get out of car or getting
out of a chair or off the floor after doing exercises ) and then trying to
straighten up - not easy at all, bent over for about 15 mins/hard to straighten
up and have much pain - have more examples but you get the idea :smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" /> 

About a year ago I finally asked for an xray and
found out/quite surprised that I had thoracic/lumbar scoliosis (30 deg/cobb
angle) - have the S curve, lateral lumbar shift and rotational scoliosis type
and my lumbar vertebrae are quite ugly, with lots of DDD, etc...and about 1.5
inch hip height difference.

Dr's quite surprised with that xray because
looking at me I am quite upright (once I get going :smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" /> ) hide it all well, and am quite mobile/agile
considering (good thing for sure). As well, I have had leg/thigh to calf pain
for 5 years that I thought was from small tears in med/min glutes...but Docs
say "no" that is from lumbar spine (and so are the leg cramps I have
been having recently apparently). 

If anyone has had this to consider or had this
fusion/surgery that doc says he could perform I would really appreciate your
input pls...

Spine surgeon has just painted a picture that he
could operate - and it would be fusion from T10-L5....yikes!! I don't know
anyone personally that has had fusion over both T&L to chat with and to
find out what it would do to my mobility...And so with this info now in hand
from the surgeon I am just doing my due diligence and am trying to decide about
what to do - he said without surgery I would go about as I have been with pain
and still have fairly decent mobility once I "get warmed up" so to
speak - but then painted the picture that with the surgery pain would be
minimized/gone (best case scenario) but mobility quite different/limited...

so how much mobility is decreased with this type
of fusion surgey? Do I wait longer, put up with pain...etc....

Any thoughts/experience would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!!



  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
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    Hi art4u...
    I just had a T10 to S2 and pelvis fusion for exactly the same kind of thing. I have writtn about it at length in my thread "my scoliosis". Happy to talk about it with you-there are a few of us that are, have and will be going through this surgery. Mine was in december and i am happy to report that i am doing very well.  Its not an easy surgery but i think definitely worth it in my case.  You can also check out the january surgery buddies and december surgery buddies for more info on the recovery-i know many of us are posting there too as we have our surgeries and what our recoveries are like. 
    Again, happy to help if you have specific questions....i honestly lost so much mobility before surgery that i dont notice the loss of my lumbar spine moving and i actually have better mobility in my left leg!! I had zero toe and ankle movement or feeling and a lot of numbness in my left leg before surgery. So for me its been a definite improvement. 

  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844
    Oh - i had to go to s1, s2 and pelvis because of pars fractures at l5. I would suggest ensuring with your surgeon that its okay to go to l5 in your case....because if anything happens to l5 the t-l fusion is a long heavy piece that could easily destroy the disc at l5 and then you would be looking at a second surgeon was very specific about looking at L5 in detail and we opted to go to s1 and s2 and to pelvis all at once because l5 was fractured and i would just end up back for another surgery when it all gave way. 

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