severe stenosis at c4-c5 level looking for neurosurgeons in germany

Dear Everyone

I am a US citizen suffering from severe neck pain and radiating burning sensation constantly at all four limbs. My pain level is contantly at 7-8 at all times. I have forgotten how it is be pain free. I underwent 5 neck surgeries in USA but all failed. I am looking to get some treatment from Germany. If there is anyone in this forum who has travelled to Germany for treatment in cervical stenosis. Can someone advice me about the medical facility there and any recommendations for good neurosurgeon. Also if anyone worked on a payment plan for treatment and what insurance works for US Citizens in Germany.

Hopeful to hear some replies at the earliest

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  •  I think it would be good to go online and find reviews from other patients. They may ask you to send records and imaging studies and possibly do a consult over the phone before seeing you. Medical tourism can be risky but I've heard good things about German spine surgeons. Perhaps you can find a local one who could recommend a highly skilled and reputable doctor in Germany. Just do your homework and be very discerning. Good luck to you and best wishes. 
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