7 weeks post op but sever foot pain keeping me from walking

Hello everyone.  I had an ALIF/PLIF on Dec 5, 2016.   I have not been on my anti arthritic drug Mobic since Nov 11 due to pre-op instructions.  And I am unable to resume the med until March 5th because my neurosurgeon says I need the inflammation to help my fusion at L4-S1.     My question is to those of you with arthritis, how did you manage to walk the amount that is necessary?  I read posts on here from people who started walking only weeks after surgery.  And my surgeon wants me walking 2 miles per day by April.  My feet and ankles hurt so badly that I feel like the bones are broken.   I took another's advice and went to a specialty shoe store to have my high arch evaluated and purchased a pre-made arch support, a Brooks walking shoe and a flat slip on sandal to wear at while at home.  I am not to go barefoot anymore.    I started walking yesterday and the pain I have in my feet is terrible.  Can anyone give me advice on how you may have solved this problem?   Any comments will be appreciated... Thanks in advance


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    Maybe talk to your doctor about using one of the available biologic drugs (like Enbrel... biologic is short for Biological Response Modifier... which is a relatively new class of arthritis treatment drugs) to help manage your arthritis.  It's not a NSAID... so it should be safe to use during your fusion process.  After my second lumbar fusion I continued to take Enbrel with no issues.  You can google or wikipedia... Enbrel to learn more.

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    Thanks Harry, in addition I have spent the day googling arthritic feet and ankles.  My hips hurt too when I walk.  I think I may need an evaluation from orthopedics if the store can't provide me with a better orthotic.  With the lupus and arthritis autoimmune stuff, my poor feet and ankles suffer.  And its a shame because my back now feels amazing post op.  Thanks for the input
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