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Has anyone else here been told they can't use nsaids because of blood clots? My Dr. has me on 4 Tramadol per day along with 2 7.5 Norco....Is this to much! I'm constantly in pain, just don't want any addiction problems! 


  • JameyhJJameyh Atlanta, Ga.Posts: 98
    I have an increased risk of blood clots from a diagnosis of +Factor V Leiden.  But I have never had a DVT and the hematologist told me I didn't need treatment.  I take NSAIDS for arthritis relief.  I have never been told there was a clot risk.  But I just read a report that says in fact it can.  If you are not getting relief from Tramadol and Norco perhaps its time to try different medications.  It does seem like a lot but I do not know your medical history.  Maybe get a second opinion from another rheumatologist.  I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention.  Good luck to you
  • nortnnort OhioPosts: 11
    Thanks for the response JameyH I had to have blood clots removed from my legs a couple yrs ago! The Dr. who treats me me for OA and bulging discs said nsaids were dangerous when blood clots are present so opioids would be the best treatment....Just something Ive been curious about...Thanks again!
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  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    Have you discussed with your doctor taking one of the available biologics for your OA... like Enbrel?  The are not a NSAID and they represent a newer class of arthritis treatment versus NSAIDS.

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