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its my first time writing in this forum ,literally feeling so good ,i can tell every detail still nobody will get bored .i am 41 ,married ,mom of 3 .i am asian .feel very lonely ,dont have n family in USA except my husband ,dont  have health  insurance ,i am stay at home mom ,i used to be very active mom but now quality of life is definitely got worse . after almost a year of off and on pain episodes in 2015 ,last feb 2016 i got up one early morning with terrible pain in my left side neck.shoulder and arm pain and also numb arm ,i went to a doctor she right away put me on medal pack plus pain killers and send me in for MRI,which showed multiple level cervical disc herniations and narrowing of spinal foramina .
was refffered to an Ortho-spine doctor ,who got another MRI with a lil different results ,he told me to start doing physiotherapy for six weeks plus FLEXIRIL and TRAMADOL .
things got worse ,then i found a acupuncture plusMD ,went to him and did 8 weeks of acupuncture ,initially thought it was helping in getting better but later i felt i was adding to the pain i had steadily.
he did my EMG test ,and diagnosed Acute Radiculopathy ,still pain pain pain .i have 3 kids ,a set of twins and a little one 3 year old who needs me almost every time ,well then i went back to orthopedic surgeon who prescribed Pain management ,got an injection in my neck ,but my pain got terrible ,i gave it time but still in 2 weeks after i was in terrible condition .i have no help here in usa except my husband ,he has a 5 day job ,my kids going to school 
 i had ADCF at c6/7 level on august 3 2016 .felt better right after my surgery ,pain was controlled may be because of lots od meds .did physical therapy for 6 weeks .weaned off stronger pain meds strong meds ,and around 4 months after started having pain ,my blood pressure was getting very high i was told may be its pain causing it all .so now a lot of pain in my left arm and shoulder and neck :(.today went to see my surgeon and again he could see lots of swelling around my shoulder and all .he put me on medal pack .
wanted to know if someone is going through same situation .my husband i feel is really tired of me now:(.so no emotional support at all feeling terrible:(


  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,925
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    Hello Chaz
    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    You have a world wide family here nowand there is no need to go it alone.

    Please click the Welcome Message below for more information about and in Spine Health
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    Having symptoms reoccur months after surgery is not all that uncommon - certainly happened to me.  My surgeon suspected swelling, and after some anti-inflammatory medicine, the symptoms did go away again.

    Most important is how does the surgeon think your fusion is doing?  Is it fusing ok?

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  • Hello Chaz\

    Sorry you are doing poorly, 

    I had two level acdf 5-7 three months ago.  Big mistake.  I have more pain than before surgery.  No support at home is not good.  Wish he could feel this pain he would change his tune.  Wish I had better news, I also felt good initially but after three months pain came back worse than before.  Doctor of no help.  They get you in and get you out and then say all my other patients are fine.  What is wrong with you? 

    I am sorry your husband is not there for you.  Its bad when the person you love and depend on for support in times of trouble turns away from you.  You are not alone some of here know your pain.  Let me know if I can help

  •  Hi Chaz, I can certainly relate to the pain and isolation you feel. It's awful when you don't get the support you need from a spouse. I went through the same and my marriage ended after 20 years. I hope you guys can work it out and he can come to terms with your pain. After all, it's for better or for worse and you'd be at his side no matter what if things were reversed. My kids were older when my problems started but I did miss out on school events, etc. 

     It can take up to a year to fully recover from a fusion. I had one in my lumbar spine, but not cervical, so I don't know how it's like. Before this, I had a post op disc reherniation after a microdiscectomy, and also developed instability. 8 months after the TLIF, the MRI showed scarring on the nerve roots and I had permanent nerve damage in one leg. Since then it's been a difficult journey.

     I hope things will be manageable so that I can have a better quality of life. It is possible so don't give up. Hope things go well for you and that relief will be in sight. Take care.
  • GrumpGGrump Maryland Posts: 33
    Hi Chaz,

    I've had C3 through T1 fused via 4 different anterior surgeries.  As well as L3 through L7 fused.

    A positive attitude in my opinion is key for success.

    I am currently dealing with a huge amount of pain from C1,2,3.  With a posterior complete fusion probably very near in my future.  I'll be honest, that surgery scares the heck out of me but I can't live with the pain.  I am currently on Fentenayl, Dalauid,  and Nycynta.  They barely help.  

    Stay on top of your doctors.  You can get through this.  Search my name here for a post I did to keep up your moral.  It still comes in handy for me to this day.

    This forum is a great way to get information from prior experiences.  Best thing I've found for us folks that some spine issues.

    Keep posting updates so we can follow your progress.

    Good Luck,
    Grump <aka Rick>

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