Pain in the left hand between thumb and finger

Hi . 
For the last year I have suffered with a throbing pain in the back of my left hand . It gets worse when I swallow food , the pain very rarely goes away and no medication helps with relief . 
I have had x-rays , ultrasound and MRI, but the consultant cannot find any problems . 
They are perplexed by the fact the pain widens with the swallowing mechanism and have never come across this problem before .
I have also tried acupuncture with no success .
Does anyone out there experience this problem themselves or know anything about this condition that they can share with me .


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    hello davidler!

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  • Sounds like a pinched nerve, possibly from your cervical neck.  There is something going on with your nerves some where...
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Reminder.....there are no medical professionals on discussion forums.
    No one here is qualified or allowed to give advice. 

    Thank you......
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