hi every one my name is Beverly. and i suffer chronic back and leg pain, i had back surgery in 2011 . it helped for awhile . then i was referred to a pain mang.  i was told on the 9 of  jan, that i could no longer be a part of there office , because the did a urine drug test and said i had morffine in my system ; that is very untrue . i dont no what happen but i no that i didn't have that in my system. and now i have no meds and no DR, that will give me my med ; i have been on oxycoden for 6 year;s, one Dr, told me he would retest me ,then came back in to the room and started saying the thing's i haven't done , like ty i took alot of injections and that didn't  help , i can not excise the pain is to bad, so what do i do about getting my med's , it show's that i feel a drug test when i see other dr, and you no they are going to believe a Dr, over the patient . 


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    hello bunnykelly !
    you mentioned one doctor would retest you...and then came back with ideas to try injections....
    to me, that sounds like doctor is willing to work with you.

    followimg his guidance and continuing to have good communication re your pain may in time reevaluate your situation.....? i don't know...but since he wants to try other treatments for managing your pain..that means he still wants to work and help you.

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    This happened to me once as well.  They said I had Oxycodone in my system when the only thing I was taking was my Hydrocodone that was prescribed to me.  Those tests they do in the office are inaccurate about 50% of the time.  They need to send the test to the lab FIRST before accusing the patient, but they aren't doing that....

    It would make more sense if they did the drug test at the end of the appointment and if there is an abnormality then they should send it to the lab to confirm.  If it's confirmed then they should bring that up to you at your next appointment, or call you...
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