Transforaminal epidural - having one tonight and am worried

Hi all

So my Ortho Surgeon has booked me in for one of these in 4 hours time for my L4/5 extrusion which has gotten larger.
Anyone had one?

I feel like this is all moving so quickly that i haven't had time to process anything. It was only last Saturday that the extrusion got larger and i assume he wants me to have one so i can walk.

I am really worried.

Thoughts welcome.



  • So, i had it done. I hate having injections but i did it. 
    It didn't hurt.
    Felt a bit weird and a bit of dull pressure but no actual pain. Lying on my stomach hurt more.
    Been given strict instructions not to lift, bend or twist.
    Not sure if it's done anything. Guess time will tell.
  • ive been 90% pain free since my first injection on 4jan17. i had one done yesterday afternoon on the 2nd to get rid of the 10% lingering pain. The lady doctor went in slowly guiding the needle under local numbing agent and flouroscopy  smoothly pain free until OUCH, my left leg jumped up and i felt a burn over the front right of my shin. she back out slighly and stopped and asked if i was okay and to describe the pain. i wanted to say no more pull it out. i gave it a minute and said okay i dont feel pain or anything.  she then injected slowly the dye and took more images. all felt well. them slowly added the steroid and i felt nothing. when i got up my left side of my face felt slightly numb for an hour which had me worried but it went away. all has been good so far and ive had instant notice all day of less pressure and pain when bending. we wil see if it lasts over the next two weeks! hopefully gone for good!
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  • I am so pleased that its worked for you - 90% less pain! I could live with that (i am bed ridden). I still have that deep calf pain this morning...but i've been told these things can take a while to work.

    My face felt a bit weird too but i thought it may have been the anxiety i was experiencing - i had a lumbar puncture once that was a bit complicated and i got a post-lumbar headache that lasted a month! I know this was different procedure but i have hated the idea of having a needle anywhere near my spine since. Anyway, i am pleased this experience was a good one, just hope it works now.

    Anyway, i hope you continue to have success with your injection and that your back continues to heal.

    Thanks for getting back to me. 
  • i was stuck on the bed for about a month too. after i got the injection it took 10 days before i was all of a sudden able to walk again. i hope it works out for you too!!
  • Thanks. Me too.

    A whole month in bed - wow, i've been 2 weeks and i am sooooooooooooooooooooo bored, but at least i can lie down without being in too much pain so i am thankful for that.

    Did you keep up with all your medications and using ice or heat while you waited to see if the injection worked?

    I tested myself today - almost 48 hours after injection and i can stand up and walk for almost a minute before the pain and pins and needles get too much and i have to lie down again. While it ended up really, really hurting i didn't cry with pain and the recovery once i lay down was quicker.
    I am still leaning to the painful side - i look like the Tower of Pisa!

    So, things have improved by me being able to stand up by almost a minute. LOL. No quick fixes for back issues huh?  

    Take care all.
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