need some answers or suggestions please

Hi, I am 54 years old and I have osteoarthritis in  my lower back since 2011
  had a little muscle pain on right leg, thought it was pulled muscle or something but it went away.
.Then both of my legs started hurting almost 4 years ago I did have shock like feeling in  them now i have been living with these 
 major like muscle pain upper legs, knees, and  below the knees back side. recent thing had happened that both of my feet tinglings, now i have major pain in both of my feet.
 i have been to several trips to doctor, spinal  dr. and pain dr. Just had a edpidul shot done from my pain dr 2 days ago, still no improvement
 I am running out of ideas and tired of the pain. has anyone  has these pain  like me? does Arthritis cause this?
                                           thank so much  , sorry for the long novel


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    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    you say that you have seen a lot of doctors, but you don't say anything about a diagnosis or what those doctors have done, can you tell us more?

    have i had pain like yours?  yes, you might want to read bruce - my story

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