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Damage from cervical epidural?


I got a cervical epidural about 5-6 weeks ago in my c7 for a possible pinched nerve that was causing burning/stinging issues in my  pec minor, outside shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger all on the right side. Have had this radiculopathy for over a year now, and have been taking Lyrica to control the pain. I got a cervical MRI about a week and a half after the shot which showed everything was clear and my cervical spine was fine. My pain didn't feel much different a few weeks following the procedure, but for about 2 weeks now I have begun to feel very weird sensations in my right side. The sensations include warmth and occasional shooting pain going down my shoulder, in my neck area going down to the collar bone, parts of my outer ear, and predominantly on the side of my hand from my thumb to wrist all on the right side. This warmth feeling is the same feeling I felt when they initially administered the epidural. When I brought this up to my doctor he said I should not be feeling these effects and that I should get my brain scanned(??)...I personally feel he was trying to disclaim anything that would tie back to him. Has anyone experienced this? I am hoping this is simply the medication kicking in going down the nerve roots. Again my MRI was clear, but the epidural which he indicated went smoothly with no procedural complications has obviously done something or irritated something. I should also note I saw a neurologist after the MRI, and all tests were negative as well. In terms of the original pain, doctors think it could still be thoracic outlet or something in the armpit, so I have a right shoulder MRI scheduled next...

I am taking ibuprofen and keeping the neck warm, hoping this will eventually pass as the medication wears off. So again to my original question, has anyone experienced worsening symptoms following a cervical epidural, feeling the same warmth feeling they felt when the epidural was first administered?

I have a master's in pathophysiology, so I can handle complex medical terms in your answers!


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    hello sshirshe !
    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, may i point out ...
    the main site has all the formal medical articles and videos for you to research on.

    this may be helpful to you.
    i would be very interested to learn more of how you are progressing.
    please keep us posted!

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