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Not new to pain

Hi everyone.   I'm new to the site.   On Tues i went to the local e.r bc of an ungodly pain in my back, hip and right leg.   It was like nothing i had ever experienced.  I was told i had sciatica.   I have spinal stenosis in all 3 regions of my back.   The cervical region being the worse.  But i have never felt anything like this.   I was prescribed steroids.   It's helped some.   But the minute i try to do a little normal activity I'm down the rest of the day.   It's very discouraging.   I have 2 grandchildren and a disabled husband i care for.   I'm not used to being down like this.   I can't hardly get my foot 2 inches off the fllor without using my hands.   Then i read these flare ups can last 16 weeks or better.   YIKES.   That really freaks me out.   So if anyone has any suggestions on how a first timer sciatica sufferer can deal with this, plz.    I'm open for suggestions.   Thank you and I'm very happy to have found this site.   


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    hello pamelawhorrall1970 !

    while you are waiting for responses from members with shared experiences, search may be helpful, upper right on page.
    you may be led to current or older discussions.
    you may be led to medical side with articles and videos. very informative!

    hopefully, you have a support system around you to help out when or while you are suffering so.
    early on with my pain, i was treated for my sciatica and when i felt better, i resumed my activities.
    this happened a couple of times and with the innocence of a child, i asked doctor when the treatments would "work" .

    he had previous instructed me, but i had selective hearing, and this time was very slowly and clearly, "you are not to ever again continue with lifting, bending, twisting"..etc...
    of course, i don't know your situation, but to say, you may want to find out any instructions doctor has for you re limitations and or restrictions with activities

    for me, i started with my pcp and she tried to work with my pain two years before referring me to pain management.
    that was best thing for my situation didn't improve.

    you may be interested in reading...chronic pain step by step.
    can find with search, upper right in page.

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