Further Treatment for schmorl's node



  • @Thoracicfire, i have a schmorls nodes on l3-4. Can you suggest me, what i hv to do ?

    Now how is your pain...recovered ?

  • Riyas I am not a doctor so I can't suggest what to do for your l3-l4. I will say that getting lots of rest and taking pressure of that area is very important and also strengthening of the core helps. It's Friday June 28, 2019 and I'm still feeling pains in the area of t8-t11. I do a lot of exercises in the air such as chin ups and leg raises which seem to help. I hope everyone is doing better and I'm wishing everyone a blessed and pain free day! God bless!!!

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  • Hi! I just wanted to join in on the convo and say I’m 24 and I’ve had a schmorl’s node in T12 since I was like 12, thanks to my first love, gymnastics. I’ve just been dealing with the pain for 10 years, as I got cortisone shots until they decided I had to quit my sport. After that I didn’t do anything besides heat and Advil. I feel like I have the body/back of a 40 year old and I’m going back to doctor!! I’m so tired of being unable to do things due to the pain in my back. I usually just push through the pain, but y’all I’m so tired. Glad I’m not the only young one with these issues! 

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