How to increase the size of the spinal canal?

Hey I'm 19 and suffering from DDD, bulging discs and some bad stenosis. I think the majority of my pain is from stenosis. My lumbar canals are 10 mm in diameter and thoracic is about 13-14. Is there any way to increase the mm? Like maybe if my bulging discs migrate back into place would this increase the size? What are my options?

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    Morning JayFit

    I cannot comment with medical knowledge, just from my experience.

    You may be correct in thinking your pain is from Stenosis, but I am not sure what your MRI report says in connection to that.  Dependant on when this problem started, may have some bearing on that.  If it is a new injury you could be suffering from injury related pain that may reduce in time.  It depends on the type of pain you are experiencing as well?

    From years of experience of DDD and herniations, some can resolve themselves to a level of commencing normal activity, but discs are never the same after they are damaged, so preservative care after damage is very very important to preserve that current state and not allow bad practice to injure this area again.

    I managed many previous situations of extreme pain and problems but it got to a point that my nerve was so badly crushed, I had no choice but the surgery route.  I dodged fusion surgery in 1995 but had years after that, of constantly trying to build correct stabilising muscles and suffering many flare ups.  Daily pain was normal for me and something I just had to deal with at times.  Single parenting does not allow for much time out to suffer!

    the advice I would give is listen to your doctor and don't take any short cuts ... they catch up with you later!  This forum has lots of information you can access to help understand your condition.  I found this useful over the years, as knowledge is power when it comes to back related pain.

    You can also search at the top of the page for items you cannot find and this will lead you to old threads of people experiences.

     I hope this helps and if you are able to provide more information about the lead up to your problem, medication, diagnosis etc, you may get more responses from people with similar issues.

    I have found Spine health website to be very helpful in all areas I have needed help with over the last few years, so you have found good support when you need it.

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    you have made a new discussion asking the same so i am posting the link to your new discussion and closing this one
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