cervical range of motion (ROM) limitation

Hello, let me share my disease conditions. I have suffered interscapular pain and neck pain for 3years and it becomes worse in this month. I can't make my daily activities and pain is severe that I can't stand. So I took neck and thoracic spine x Ray and it reveals normal but my physiotherapist said there is cervical ROM in all planes. I feel shocked and now depressed for my disease. I'm worried about consequences of the disease. I don't know much about cervical ROM limitations and want to know treatment and consequences and success rate. Please, let me know if you know about it and any experiences of yours. Waiting your response and reply. Regards..


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    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    you don't tell us much, like what does your spine doctor say about your (i assume limited) rom?  what did your physiotherapist suggest?

    an x-ray won't show a lot, but other diagnostic tools available to your doctors may, like mri, ct scans, bone density scans....

    please click on the following link for some helpful information to get you started Welcome to Veritas Health Forum


  • Thank you for your reply , Bruce. My physiotherapist advise me to do neck exercise. I hope my symptoms will improve with exercise.
    Thanks and regards.
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