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Cervical Spine MRI Report

I was a bit curious about my Cervical Spine MRI w/ & w/o contrast Report

My neurologist who ordered it is not willing to communicate with me unless I have an appointment which is at least 2 months out.

So I'm wondering in your best opinion, what these results could possibly mean?

Comparison: Brain MRI (They didn't find anything abnormal)

Reason for MRI: Rule out central lesion as cause of left hand weakness and tingling, predominantly ulnar distribution tingling weakness with shoulder pain.

ALIGNMENT: Straightening of the normal cervical curvature with reversal from C3 through C5
DISCS: Mild multilevel disc desiccation which is worse at C5-6
CORD: Small (1mm) hydromyelia involving the central cord at C6 and C7
Marrow & Paravertebral Soft Tissues & Craniocervical junction: Normal

C2-3 & C3-4: Normal
C4-5 & C5-6: Posterior disc bulge indents the ventral thecal sac.
C6-7 & C7-T1: Normal

Impression: Trace hydromyelia at C6 and C7, likely incidental finding. No enhancing mass lesion or Chiari malformation.
Mild degenerative changes at C4-5 and C5-6. No etiology for ulnar neuropathy.

Thanks all in advance!



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