At this stage, it's getting too much.

Hi folks, I wanted to try and say something witty but I can't, I usually do but I just can't. I am in an awful lot of pain and no medication is really helping. I had lower back pain from 2013 to late 2016, it was bad but never as bad a s the pain I experience since an accident in Dec. 2015 when I hit by a car as I walked across a zebra crossing. The original lower back was finally helped by an anti-spasmodic which was prescribed by a Pain Specialist in Nov. 2016. It looks like that was a muscle spasm pain or something.  The pain since the accident, I suffered a spinal fracture (sacrum) and damaged my knee. 

The fracture has healed by  pain in the sacrum and general pelvis area remains.  Pain when sitting (as if pain is shooting up my "bum bones" into my lower back and sacrum area), pain in my SI joint area, pain when I press in my left I think it's called the "rump" area, the illiac crest area/upper bum/SI joint area. Pain can shoot down my left leg when I press there. Pain in my thigh. Tingling  and an electric current sensation in my legs and feet and lower back and at times though very seldom even in my arms and hands. I had pre-existing ankle pain which has been made worse by the accident too. Pain Specialist has diagnosed me with WAD, whiplash associated disorder he said in Dec. 2016 that I had, "massive whiplash" as a result of the accident in Dec. 2015.  Pain Specialist has told me he will do injection therapy into the SI joint and sacrum area but he's been saying that for ages and nothing has happened yet and pain simply continues day in, day out.    

MRI's show that I have prominent left-sided facet degenerative change in cervical spine, disc bulge in my spine (L4 - L5), facet arthropathy in pelvis (L5 -S1), scoliosis (diagnosed with very mild/very slight scoliosis in 2013, it seems to worse now from what I can see looking at images), pain in left knee (an "anterior tracking problem", whatever the hell that is!). Stiffness has now developed in my knee (but all clear for arthritis? I'm stumped!). Stiffness also in my pelvis/hips area. A mess all over.       

I am on Butrans patches (buprenorphine, 20mg) - was on Transtec 35mg for a while but it seemed to make thing worse not better oddly enough. Tradol 150mg (they only give me 1 a day which is pretty useless), Difene (diclofenac spray), Naprosyn which I think is an anti-inflammatory or something,  Lyrica (600mg a day but I often take 1200mg a day and it's being increased to 1200mg per day from next month). I also take Solpadol (co-codamol) sometimes and I take a diaepam (valium) if pain gets very, very, very bad (and it usually helps, I don;t know why). In the past I tried something called Palexia SR, didn't work, and Arcoxia, may have helped a tiny bit. Anyway, on all that stuff and still in a lot of pain. What the hell is the problem I wonder?

I have seen orthopaedists to be told I have no orthopaedic issue. I haven;t yet seen a neurologist or rheumatologist. One othopaedist who I think thought I was making everything up said I had no "neurological deficit", another I saw told me I needed to see a neurologist and a rheumatologist. My doctor doesn't seem to know what is going on and refuses to prescribe valium even  though when in "cracking up and ready to snap" pain it is the only thing which helps, she is morally opposed to "benzos". I take them very sparingly, never ever the  first thing I reach for. For example I got 20 from an out of hours doctor in Aug. 2016 and I have 5 left.  They're only 5mg and I only take half and it helps.  The out of hours doctor who prescribed valium said it sounded like I have a neurological issue, a nerve issue.   

I attend physio once a week, I had 6 sessions in early 2016 and I was referred back again by the Pain Specialist for further sessions, the physio does acupuncture , it can offer temporary relief , to an extent, for a short few hours.  I was thinking of seeing an osteopath, what do you think? My doctor thinks my pelvis may be a little out of place or too loose or something as a result of the accident.  Often when I walk I feel pain in my pelvis, the sacrum, illiac joint or whatever it's called, SI joint, all that area. Shoes with a bounce, thick foam heels etc can reduce the shock that shoots up.  I bed if I press sideways I hear and feel an almighty click.

Sorry this is so, so long, folks. I don't usually go on message boards, I usually try and figure it all out myself but it's too much to try and understand and it gets so, so tiring and depressing. Thanks for reading this and don't worry if people can't reply - we each have out own problems, I know. 


  • Hello Maxim
    Sorry your dealing with such pain!

    Dont fret coming on here and letting it out
    It helps to talk sometimes no?

    No one here is so busy as to overlook you
    We are all in this leaky boat together
    Someone will pop in and be able to give advice from their own experience,sadly.

    Hang in there, your not alone and out by yourself.

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