Tired of living with IC and lower pelvic dysfunction

Hi my name is Marie and I have been living with IC and lower pelvic dysfunction since 1996. It has made me feel like my husband and I are just best friends and that makes me very sad. A lot of days I don't feel like getting out of bed, going any where or doing anything. I just want to sleep at least then for a little while I don't feel the pain. Lately my pain has been on ongoing every day thing, I have to function have to go to work but that is all I can handle. I'm so tired of it. I want to live a normal life but that isn't going to happen. I have become depressed in the last cpl. years. I feel like my family and friends can't understand what I am going through. I hide my pain with a smile and I'm fine but as I walk away I say to myself that I am not fine. I have no one I can talk to. I don't want to be on pain meds. but it has reached the point that I am having to. Well that is where I am at now in my life. :'(


  • Hi Marie
    Chronic pain is the pits. I am sure a lot of people here can appreciate how you are feeling. It's good that you reached out.
    Have you spoken to your husband or your Drs about your depression? Are you being treated for it?
    There is a section in this forum about Depression and also i think there is information on the site about it too - someone correct me if i am wrong. You may find some of the advice and thoughts about it useful for you. 
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    hello barelyalive!
    yes, chronic pain can often be accompanied by depression, but it is a symptom that can be treated.
    as asked by betty, above, have you spoken with your doctor about depression?
    he needs to know all your symptoms.

    chronic pain is often a lonely place. many of us have learned that even those who love us have a difficult time understanding.
    sometimes i even hear...are you better yet?
    actually, if i didn't live with my chronic pain, not sure how much i could grasp about it either.

    re your limitations with activities, accompanying exhaustion, there is interesting  reading called....the spoon theory.
    you can find using search, upper right on page.
    i found it quite helpful in communicating with my loved ones....sometimes being able to say...sorry, i don't have enough spoons....
    or my friends you think you can save a couple of spoons for dinner in two days?

    basically being, we have limited spoons compared to our people without chronic pain. 
    took a shower, used a spoon, drove to grocery store, used a spoon, actually did the shopping, used a spoon.
    my explanation doesn't do it justice! it's definitely best to read it! you have any spinal issues causing or contributing to your pain?

    i had/have severe gut issues and pain that caused me to see my pcp...then gi doctor, both very useful to me to this day.
    but i was referred to pain management doctor after two years of my pcp trying to work with my pain.
    best thing for me!

    i do have spinal issues, but my pm doctor also helpful with my gi issues and subsequent my gi doctor told me that due to my history he would need to see me every time i complained of out of control pain from my gut before he could medicate me.

    seeing pm doctor monthly has helped take the edge of this pain, also.

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