My GP says I'm to young for replacements at 51yrs with B on B..

Hiya, I'm not sure of all the medical terms I've read on posts so plse bear with:
I have only been diagnosed for around 2 yrs with Ostio Arthritis in both knees, right hip and spine.My knees are hideously painful as is the hip, the bk isn't as bad yet as I have reseed in discs there anyways. My issue is I'm 51 yrs old,I cannot walk unaided, I have 2 daughters aged 14 and 11yrs and the give me 130mg morphine 2x a day, which we all know doesn't work, plus anti-inflammatories etc, why do they not offer me Syavi injections, and why am I too young for replacements, I feel so desperate I don't want to be here most of the time, I've always been so active, is there a age when you're"supposed"to get OA then lol, any advice gratefully recieved
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    Hi Ruby2shoes.   My sister was your age when she had knee replacements.  She had one knee done then a year later the other one.   She was also bone on bone and was in excruciating pain like you.  I don't know if it is the insurance company or where you live.  She lives in Ohio.  And this was before Obamacare too.  My 2 sisters and I have had OA since our 30's so we "fell apart" early too.  I just had an ALIF/PLIF done in December from the osteoarthritis in the spine.   I would get a second opinion and possibly contact your insurance company for more answers.  Good luck.
    JoAnn in Atlanta (aka Jamey)
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    hello ruby2shoes !
    i am curious...what kind of doctor are you working with for your pain..?

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