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Facet joint pain in 22 y.o begining syptoms in adolescence. Awaiting bone scan.

shannonrenee131sshannonrenee131 Posts: 6
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Need someone to break down my MRI for me, I am 22. Experiencing severe neck, back and hip pain. Started with stiffness in mornings in neck and lower and mid spine during high school, was checked for Lyme disease. Years keep going and each one a new symptom . I don't get how at 22 I can barely get around the house. I can't work and trust me I have tried so hard to keep a job down. But I keep getting injured and put in hospital with no answer. Except for now as of 02_-17 having these results and a follow up bone scan..  I would like to live my damn life again.
Not overweight, I do not take drugs and have refused , I don't drink. I smoke weed to sleep and relax my muscles and that's it.
The only treatment has been vitamin D deficient which we corrected years ago.
 I grew up active, used to be able to run 4 miles cross country no problem before this began. 
Any arthritis journals or articles that can point me in the right direction ?? 
The final finding of result is findings of arthosis and that's all I got to go on until a month till my bone scan...


  • Oh man I am sorry... I know all about what you are going through. I am having T10-L3 fusion in April because of failed laminectomy, CHRONIC pain, DDS, etc. The facet joint disease is the absolute worst (not exactly sure the difference between osteoarthritis and facet joint disease but I am diagnosed with both). The pain is Real and it is awful. My T10 is the worst and the burning/stinging/aching hovering directly to the right of it (about 1"-2") drives me crazy. I want to pound it because it hurts so bad. I take strong opioids to keep pain at bay, but they just "take the edge off."  I tried Celebrex and it didn't work.... nothing works.... keep the faith and keep us updated. I am praying for you,
    1) Schwannoma removal (1) @ L2-L3 (2001)
    2) Schwannoma removal (3) @ T11-L3 (2008)
    3) Failed laminectomy syndrome T11-L2, facet joint disease, ongoing schwannoma formation.  Fusion scheduled from T10-L3 (April 12th, 2017).  Chronic pain that never goes away
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    Hello shannonrenee!
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  • Most recent update is bone scan was scheduled for the 14th and then blizzard Eugene hit so going  in tomorrow. I just don't understand some terms on my MRI,  non acute shmorls nodes?  And some other things. I don't understand wharf this will mean as google only tells me a definition . 
    And I get the just wanting to punch or hit your leg if only to keep the pain in one area. I finally have some answers but I don't know what my options are. I don't know if cortisone injections are a good idea since I am only 22.
  • And I have had ulcers in the past from nsaid use over the years.  I don't want to have to rely on meds but I have had no luck with pt alone. I take a muscle relaxer and tylenol pm at night 
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