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Hi!  I'm a 67 yr old retired/disabled RN who had a slip/fall accident on the first day of work, on the front steps of  my first job  (I was 30.). Back then they didn't have MRI's or CT's.  Just Myelograms.  Mine showed a bulging disc at L4-5, they thought.  They put me on Valium 5mg 4x a day and in pelvic traction for a whole week.  Then stopped everything.  
I started my new job a little late lol.
I worked till 1989, when another slip and fall (I didn't mention I am left handed) landed me in a different hospital, where the brand new CT showed an HMP at 4-5 and at L5-S1.  After three failed epidurals they did a Laminotomy at L5-S1.  The HNP had pressed half way through the Sciatic nerve.  By this time I had severe sciatica, muscle spasms of my back and muscle atrophy of my left leg.  I continued to work (without more than NSAIDs for pain, which gave me ulcers by 1999).
In 2009 the doctors were finally educated enough in neurosurgery and they did diskectomies (of what was left of the disks), fusions, stem cells and placement of rods and screws.  Fentanyl patches caused hallucinations for 5 days after surgery and I had severe Neurogenic claudication for weeks.


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    hello pdxpotb !
    you state your surgery in 2009.
    how are you doing since? are you still in need of pain medication ? if yes, have you found something to be effective?

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